Mike Swick accepts challenge from jolly (Army) green giant


After my seminar in Iraq, I get challenged by one of the biggest servicemen I have ever seen. Initially, I was supposed to try and tap him with an Anaconda choke but then changed it up to a bicep crusher. Chipped my back tooth in half since I wasn't using a mouthguard. Was kinda like my own little civilian purple heart. ;)

Really cool dude! Love doing these seminars and challenges. 

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AokiPants site profile image  

1/21/13 11:40 PM by AokiPants

When you're grabbing your own bicep in an attempt to stop your arm from extending, you're naturally curling your arms. Curling your arms means your bicep will be flexed, especially if you are resisting someone else pulling on the other end. The bicep cutter is done by turning your arm that's hooking their arm flat so that your palm faces the floor, in turn lining the blade of your forearm against their bicep. As you pull back, your forearm will start cutting into their bicep/elbow. In order to increase the pressure, you can triangle your legs on top of their clasped arms, locking their arms in place and creating a lot of downward pressure on their bicep. People usually either tap to the bicep cutter or let their arm go, giving you the armbar. And of course, the bigger your biceps are, the more muscle mass there is to crush, meaning that when this move is done on bulkier people, it's generally more effective.

NotImpressedByYourScreenName site profile image  

1/21/13 8:00 AM by NotImpressedByYourScreenName

Explain please? I was wondering what the sub was - was waiting for him to go for the armbar and suddenly it was all over!

rrefs site profile image  

1/21/13 7:27 AM by rrefs


Nitecrawler site profile image  

12/26/12 9:06 PM by Nitecrawler

Awesome vid.

thatsme site profile image  

12/26/12 8:51 PM by thatsme

Damn good video. Those were some country fed troops he submitted. Looked they all had either wrestled or had some kind of ground training.

Spazzo site profile image  

12/26/12 4:43 PM by Spazzo

Good stuff Swick. Always one of my favorite fighters and even more now.

Choked72 site profile image  

12/26/12 4:30 PM by Choked72

Haha - I don't think so GSMN. It should be apparent that you react as you train and that fighting big people requires a different strategy than fighting people in your weight class.

Gokudamus stole my name site profile image  

12/26/12 4:00 PM by Gokudamus stole my name

Swick regularly rolls with guys of all sizes. You took footage from a friendly roll and extrapolated that into Torrance BJJ propaganda. I thought that died when Laimon beat Ryron under "pure GJJ" rules

Choked72 site profile image  

12/26/12 2:53 PM by Choked72

I think I addressed this if you re-read my post. Certainly he was more familiar with most of Royce's opponents but this is more about Swick than about the big guy.If Swick trained FOR bigger people predominantly he would have taken a far different and more efficient strategic approach because that's what his experience is.Specificity in training is what drives all our responses. "You fight like you train" in other words and Swick trains to fight people his own size, hence he fought the big man without much alteration from that mindset.

orcus site profile image  

12/26/12 1:28 PM by orcus

"None of this is meant to be a rip on Swick. He's a pro who did the job well in a friendly environment. But this video shows the upside and downside of sport training vs self defense training. Swick is a great athlete and sportsman. Because of this, he did what he knew. But I think if you took a black belt out of the Gracie Academy in Torrance, you would have gotten a win from the small man, but a completely different strategy." Isn't it also possible that his opponent was actually more familiar with grappling than most of Royce's opponents? Also, even Royce wasn't giving up 150lb to his opponents. This was a 330lb, in-shape guy with at least a passing familiarity with the ground, versus a 180lb man.