Joe Lauzon's favorite fight: Couture dropping Sylvia's Megan Olivi continues the My Favorite Fight series, with Joe Lauzon.

The Octagon moment that jumps out in my mind more than any other fight is when Randy Couture fought Tim Sylvia.

A few events before the Couture-Sylvia fight I had made my UFC debut at UFC 63 and beat Jens Pulver. About a month later at the next event, my brother Dan came out and fought Spencer Fisher. My brother took the fight on about 10 days' notice, and he lost.

Backstage after the fight, Tim was being a jerk and saying some really unnecessary things to my brother about his loss. He kind of kicked Dan when he was down. Tim went over to Dan and said “Nice 2 minutes, ha ha,” and walked away. After that I instantly named him my nemesis, and obviously I had this intense hatred for Tim Sylvia more than any other fighter on the planet.

So a few months later Randy and Tim fought at UFC 68, and we went over to my buddy Chris’ house to watch the fights with friends. Randy was supposed to be the wrestler and Tim Sylvia was supposed to be the elite striker. And there was Couture dropping Sylvia, just putting him on his butt right away.

When that happened, I jumped out of my chair. It’s actually probably the only time I’ve ever jumped out of my chair watching a fight. Randy was my hero from that point on.

Me and my brother Dan still talk about it to this day.

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Joe Lauzon fights Jim Miller Saturday night at UFC 155 in the night’s co-main event, right before the heavyweight title rematch between Junior dos Santos and Cain Velasquez.


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MainelyBJJ site profile image  

1/2/13 5:55 PM by MainelyBJJ

^^  Not the last friend.  WAR MAINE-IAC!!!!

Son of Neckbone site profile image  

1/2/13 5:15 PM by Son of Neckbone

Congrats on your fight Joe. I know it didn't work out the way you planned, but the budo was epic.As far as Tim Sylvia, I absolutely see his persona grating on some people, but given his background and what he has achieved it is understandable to some degree, and has flagged considerably over the last few years. People used to routinely give him shit for wearing the HW belt out to bars or restaurants and things, but it is hard to blame him for that. Being the UFC HW champion has got to be tempting to flaunt your success, and you'd be hard pressed to find any of the UGers insulting him on this thread that has accomplished as much. Please raise your hand if you were a world champion that has kept your ego in check better than he has.I have known Tim since before his UFC debut, sparred with him on occasion, we've been to each other's houses and hung out at a few bars. I don't send him Christmas presents or anything, but we're friends with some of the same people. I have never seen Tim be rude to any fans that have asked for an autograph or a picture, and the only time it was ever even fringe rudeness was when he was hawking merchandise at an event and would only sign things purchased from him. I think it rubbed people the wrong way, but that doesn't seem unreasonable. Largely I think he is misunderstood, a bit goofy and awkward, but that is one of the things that made him fun to watch fight. He was such an oddity and still performed well. And how about them sideburns? Pretty badass.So here I am, the last Tim Sylvia fan. Flame away as I evidently deserve it.

Snowguy site profile image  

1/2/13 2:03 PM by Snowguy

If you have spent anytime on here in the past several years and followed Joe you know he is his brother's biggest fan. This whole thread reinforces that with Joe having Dan's back when Big Tim was being an ass. Having interacted with Joe coming up on the scene, I can tell you he is a good dude and 100% behind his bro. Moving on....Seth P. was incredibly nice when I met him, very gracious and appreciative of the Luke Cuomo, I don't think he was intentionally being a dick but rather I think he is uncomfortable with the attention or spotlight. Kenny Florian, Josh Grispi, Mike Brown...all great guys.

PermitMeFisticuffsBrother site profile image  

1/2/13 11:27 AM by PermitMeFisticuffsBrother

I learnt something today.

cheesesteak site profile image  

1/2/13 11:07 AM by cheesesteak

Yes I had a not so popular opinion based on vague information about the Joe & Dan Lauzon situation and am paying the price dearly. I IS Sorry very Joe!!!

Kostakio site profile image  

1/1/13 8:44 PM by Kostakio

Yeah, he said it but he himself was quoting the great Lao Tzu.

TheMentalisT site profile image  

1/1/13 8:38 PM by TheMentalisT

lol @ the guy posting a pic of Tim with a busted ass chic! fuck outta here! she is average at best, son

ShanTheMan site profile image  

1/1/13 8:34 PM by ShanTheMan

cheesdick, I feel ya man. must have said something fucked up recently because I have been voted down quite a bit. No worries though man its just the world wide web. This stuff isn't around forever or anything.

PermitMeFisticuffsBrother site profile image  

12/31/12 10:16 AM by PermitMeFisticuffsBrother

we are all one...isn't that a Genki Sudo reference if i'm not mistaken

PermitMeFisticuffsBrother site profile image  

12/31/12 10:10 AM by PermitMeFisticuffsBrother

and Arlovski's like "how taste my bleep bleep" If I pooped my self would everyone hate me too or would I have to pick on kids too.