Dana White pushed for, got TUF on Tuesdays


UFC president Dana White was not happy with "The Ultimate Fighter" on Friday nights, so he made the decision to move it.

There were six days left in the week to try. Saturday was taken by UFC events, Thursday is the new night for Bellator, but with the hugely popular 'Justified' airing at 10:00 p.m. on Tuesday nights, Tuesday was the top spot.

Dana got it.

Starting January 22, Season 17 of "The Ultimate Fighter" debuts Tuesday's at 9:00 p.m., with opposing coaches UFC Lightheavyweight champion Jon Jones vs. the immensely mediagenic Chael Sonnen.

"That was me – 100 percent me," White told MMAjunkie.com. "What I love about those guys is, and I've said this to you guys a million times – FX loved us on Friday nights. They're good partners and they promised me – they said, 'Let us try to build this Friday thing to where you'll be happy with the numbers, and if we don't, we'll move you to another night.' And they did. They kept their word. The FOX group, they're the best people in television to work with."

"I think that Tuesday nights are a better night for us. Tuesday nights at 9 o'clock (ET), we're leading into 'Justified' – I just think more of our people are home watching TV than there are on Friday nights at 10."

Do you agree?

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newjack900 site profile image  

12/28/12 3:31 PM by newjack900

I really wanna watch this show again but they need to give us talented contestants - I was hoping they would do one for the strikeforce guys on the fringe of making the ufc - kinda like what they did w the serra comeback season. I always hear about these super talented fighters who were turned down to be on the show it makes no sense

JerodR site profile image  

12/28/12 1:19 PM by JerodR

The night was only one of the issues. The stupid pranks and drunken idiot thing only takes you so far. I have watched every season but honestly haven't given two sh*#s about most of the fighters for a while because of that crap. I want to get to know these guys. I want to learn about their training and their background. I want to see them leave everything in the cage and put on exciting fights. I don't want to see them locked up in a house going crazy with nothing to do but drink and be stupid followed by a lackluster fight then cry about how they blew it afterward.Oh, and coaches that actually fight at the end would be nice too...

Loser Born Natural site profile image  

12/28/12 12:19 PM by Loser Born Natural

See you next Tuesday!

MagSlim site profile image  

12/28/12 12:00 PM by MagSlim

They need to do a comeback season they can show fighters that are actually 'UFC caliber' and not have a bunch of wannabees that are just going to get cut or go nowhere.*in b4 let me fighter bash bro

jasonhightower site profile image  

12/28/12 10:56 AM by jasonhightower

I used to not agree with this position, but I realized that I would DVR and watch later those seasons that were just this, shitty and fairly uneventful.  If it's a great season, I can't wait to watch it and I'll fight through the commercials to watch it live.

MMALOGIC site profile image  

12/28/12 10:53 AM by MMALOGIC

9pm tuesday wasnt likely the first choice... spike tested the 9pm slot and it hurt ratings... you have too much competition.  10pm is the ideal slot for tuf but FX wasnt gonna give it to them.  And uesdays was the onlly night because they have established shows like justified and anarchy... FX would never allow tuf to lead into a program they were trying to establish like "the americans" instead of using their proven movie library. at the end of the day if tuf get's back to averaging 1.3 million viewers per week the franchise is saved... which means jones/chael would likely have to do more than that because that season would have to be above average.

epwar site profile image  

12/28/12 10:22 AM by epwar

It's going to be funny when this debuts and only gets 1.5 million viewers.  Dana will then say it is another "homerun" because the last season did terribly with less than 1 million on average (and he'll completely ignore the 2 milliion+ numbers they used to get on Spike).

i remember halloween site profile image  

12/28/12 9:56 AM by i remember halloween

Let me bang, bro.

frederic site profile image  

12/28/12 9:52 AM by frederic

Night choice was only part of the problem. Mediocre fights, uninteresting training moments, and only occasional interesting moments in the house are big ones too.