JDS on Cain's knee: 'I hit him in the head'


In a sport where excuses are nearly as common as noses, Cain Velasquez honorably makes none whatsoever, ever.

However, a video was recently released that reportedly showed Velasquez injuring his knee in practice, prior to his first fight with JDS just over a year ago. So adamant is Velasquez that excuses should not be made that he responded negatively even to video evidence of an injury, asking that it be removed.

In a pre fight interview, UFC Heavyweight champion Junior Dos Santos reacted to the media's injury reports.

"I don't know why people are saying that," said dos Santos. "Because the injury was the knee and I hit him in the head. it doesn't matter if his knee was good or not. If I punch him in the head again, he's gonna go down again. I really believe that. I don't know why people are saying that. I was hurt too with a knee injury too. I just enjoyed the better moment, and at that time I was just better than him. That's it. I won the fight."

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UGSlapshot site profile image  

12/29/12 6:44 PM by UGSlapshot

I think Carwin hits harder than Roy but they both have power and JDS just walked over both fighters.

DoomFarmer site profile image  

12/29/12 6:38 PM by DoomFarmer

I've always liked JDS but I am really beginning to dislike his fanbase.

Viva site profile image  

12/29/12 6:21 PM by Viva

"If you are too injured to fight, don't fight. If you take the fight banged up dont use it as an 'excuse'" As well that is such a stupid thing to say^Fighters have been "cleared" to fight with serious injurie plenty times before. Its a joke ..Just because they managed to fight on that doesn't make their injury non existant. That doesn't mean they werent hampered.Maybe the fighter fights on becuase he needs the money or was being pressured to.Often times, a fighter will hide his injuries tooAs a big example, in their first meeting half a decade ago, Shogun was actually fighting Forrest with his ALC ripped from his knee. Shogun was literally fighting Forrest with one knee. Sadly that wasnt an exaggeration . Of course Shogun's ability to fight was being drastically limited due to the serious knee injuryThats not an excuse. Its simply the fact of the matter. And in the rematch a healthy Shogun demolished Forrest so there you go! Proof of statement!Shogun coming off major surgery and then fighting Jones on short notice to boot is a fact of the matter also. Shogun was not any where near at his best and thats the reailty of it. Same applies to the Hendo fight . Shogun fought Hendo with a broken clavivle. Thats a fact. Its a fact Shogu wasnt at his best for that fight either REAL excuses are: Davis looking for any excuse under the sun to excuse his poor performance vs Nogueria.People saying Forrest lost to a healthy Shogun because Forrest was having a baby. Thats a REAL excuse. Rampage years later making excuses for his ass crushing loss to Shogun. Those are all real excuses. There are reasons and then there are excuses. People need to learn the clear and distict differeneces between the two

shaqitup site profile image  

12/29/12 6:11 PM by shaqitup

They try to hype the fight.Saying it could be a fluke, garners more interest in the fight.

MMALOGIC site profile image  

12/29/12 5:49 PM by MMALOGIC

more latinos watched fox that night than any other night in the history of the Fox network.... so yeah, Zuffa and fox want Cain to win.

Kevin Arnold site profile image  

12/29/12 5:49 PM by Kevin Arnold

Cain's constant excuse making over that fight is what it is. If you are too injured to fight, don't fight. If you take the fight banged up don't use it as an excuse if you lose.JDS is going to wreck Cain again and hopefully he is more gracious in defeat this time around.

Viva site profile image  

12/29/12 5:46 PM by Viva

Yep, just like how Nogueria lite made excuses after his fight with Phil Davis....oh wait, it was the American Phil Davis WHO was making blatant excuses for his poor performance versus NogueriaI mean Davis didn't even waist any time! In the freaking post fight interview,Davis was proceeding to make every excuse under the sun for his struggling performance, instaed of just giving Nogueria the brown Brazilain some due credit. Davis was pathetic! Maybe he is a racist too Also, like how media and Dana White kept making excuses for Forrest when he was beatdown by a healthy Shogun in the rematch "Let me tell you something right now, Forrest was having a baby" - Dana WhiteNow Forrest gave Shogun a lot of credit and I respect Forrest for that, but zuffa was making excuses for him. They couldnt seem to give Shogun the Brazilian brown brother some due credit eitherYour comment is twisted beyond belief. In fact its the oppositie as I have displayed with examples. When an American looses to a Brazilian the Americans will make excuses or their team and or PR will make excuses for them! And even if they happen to beat a Brazillain they still make excuses to excuse the fact they might have struggled!Where as a Brazilian will fight on hampered WITH legitmate injury(A FACT) and no matter what happens, WILL always give credit where its due. Always respectful while still explaining their situationIn fact it is the fans who will speak with truth and who will explain the injury and how performances was greatly limitedYou are the typical American douche who twists and distorts!

Viva site profile image  

12/29/12 5:43 PM by Viva

Delete please!

FinestScotch site profile image  

12/29/12 5:32 PM by FinestScotch


Broder site profile image  

12/29/12 5:10 PM by Broder

JDS has at least a solid chin. He's been tagged in fights before and took the shots well. I think Cain's only chance is the takedown and GnP. If he tries to stand or is forced to stand I don't think he has the chin to go the distance.