Anderson Silva close to signing, wants Bisping, Jones, and GSP fights


UFC president Dana White revealed at a media scrum at UFC headquarters that UFC middleweight champion Anderson Silva is close to signing a multi-year contract extension with the organization.

"We are very close to finally signing the contract," said White. "It is a contract for more than three years of fighting. I didn't have to do this, but he wants to make those superfights against GSP and Jon Jones. If Bisping beats Vitor Belfort, he will be next in line. Bisping wants to fight Anderson and Anderson wants Bisping."

Though White did not reveal the exact number of years the extension will cover, Silva announced at the UFC 153 post-fight press conference that at 37-years old, he still plans on competing inside the Octagon for six more years.

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YonYones site profile image  

12/29/12 8:42 PM by YonYones

Chris Weidman is gonna LOVE this article

Jobe Watson the Bomber site profile image  

12/29/12 5:45 PM by Jobe Watson the Bomber

Silva has a good garb but I'm sure Jones learnt from his mistake.

Lazer MMA site profile image  

12/29/12 5:37 PM by Lazer MMA

JBJ is not cutting more than to 205 as always. AS has fought huge LHW's before. He'll may just have to fight the best one time at that weight is all. AS huggers will have to deal (as will AS) IF he really does fight JBJ. I for one would not bet on that shit.I say GSP never takes the fight. The door was open for years with no fight.Bisping is a joke of a fight that AS has positioned for for years. MW is real right now IMO (unlike it was for sooooo many years). Lots of MW's today would chop him, he's had lots of big fights with one lower top ten win VS Stann (who also never won any big fight himself) being his best win. Bisping fights Vitor who himself never won any real big fight at MW. This for another UFC BOGUS title shot. Goes well with Sonnen at LHW, and Diaz at WW, both coming off losses and Diaz off a year suspension to boot. The true #1's denied again.Joke

YourJesus site profile image  

12/29/12 4:53 PM by YourJesus

You seem to be lost. You can't possibly be a UG'er since you're making too much sense. I am deleting your post and in its place putting, "oh, oh, NOW he wants to fight Jones but not the Munoz and Maia DESTROyer from H3LL Chris the Wideload WEidman??? What's next pussy Silva? Gonna fight Bruce Lee and Hercules but no Wineman Wideload Weidman? Ducking duck ass Silva."

kevsh site profile image  

12/29/12 4:53 PM by kevsh

Honestly, I could care less about predictions, who has better reach, ground game, youth, etc. I just want to see JBJ and Silva fight. IMO the most anticipated fight in MMA history and it would probably live up to the hype.

YourJesus site profile image  

12/29/12 4:47 PM by YourJesus

^^Yes, another fine example of the pure MMA genius on display here in the underground....Quite a show gentlemen, quite a show. Here, here!

whadafykumeanitstaken site profile image  

12/29/12 4:39 PM by whadafykumeanitstaken

So the champion gets to chose who gets the next title shot. Only in the UFC. Wow.

Nick Fury site profile image  

12/29/12 4:24 PM by Nick Fury

I don't know if he will win or lose, but I do know that I'll be watching all three if they happen. Fuck yeah!

Attila site profile image  

12/29/12 4:11 PM by Attila

As long as he fights Jones I will be happy.

KingOfFighters site profile image  

12/29/12 3:44 PM by KingOfFighters

translation - anderson you bully stop trying to pick on my man, there's better things and like more money and stuff fighting other peoples, please leave georgie alone.lmfao george is in the fight business, let him fight lady.