Bisping: Vitor Belfort bout will make for 'an easy night'

by Spencer Lazara | source: MMAinterviews.TV

"I trained hard, I'm the best I've ever been, I'm in shape right now, I can go 5x5 standing on my head. I don't think Vitor Belfort can do the same thing and after round one he's gonna be a walking punching bag and it's gonna be an easy night for 'The Count.' Booyah! He has the body of a lion but the legs of a chicken. He also has the heart of a chicken."

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ausgepicht site profile image  

1/27/13 6:52 PM by ausgepicht

And retard of the thread goes to the guy that thought Bisping would have done better than Vitor.

xakx site profile image  

1/27/13 6:49 PM by xakx


Savron site profile image  

1/27/13 6:44 PM by Savron

I love how a week later there is no talk of Bisping the has been. Although Guida is taking the heat of him for the moment

frederic site profile image  

1/22/13 12:51 AM by frederic

I would settle just for highlights of the fight shown with a Benny Hill soundtrack...

dermotfix site profile image  

1/21/13 8:27 PM by dermotfix

Should have gone Benny Hill on Vitor's ass

Stone Rolled site profile image  

1/20/13 4:30 AM by Stone Rolled

Lol. Love reading this thread after the fight.

WRESTLENOW site profile image  

1/3/13 10:20 AM by WRESTLENOW

"boo yaaah"

MasterofMartialArts site profile image  

1/2/13 11:36 PM by MasterofMartialArts

I would rather see him at 205, but we shall see.

Stan Dan Wang site profile image  

1/2/13 6:22 PM by Stan Dan Wang

i see Bisping putting on a bicycling clinic in this one.

Savron site profile image  

1/2/13 5:44 PM by Savron

Spitsping is always such a wankerI hope Vitor KHTFO