James Thompson: Pudz is a mental midget, his fans are worse


Pudz = a man who just doesn't get it

From: Mega Colossus
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Just been told Pudz posted this on Facebook. I was going to leave all the s--- talking as it isn't going to happen. No worries I'm over it I'll fight someone who wants to fight. Then he posts this and I need to vent so though I'd share.

This is what he just posted

Talk about a glass chin. You are a clown who I find highly amusing can't take your insults seriously.
-Mariusz Pudzianowski

I don't get it, I don't mind the s--- talking or the glass chin comments (event though he couldn't knock me out when I let him hit me in our first fight because I'm retarded).

Let me tell you something Pudz my empty headed friend who has a lower IQ than the atlas stones he lifts. You do the s--- talking BEFORE the fight. Than we fight. Don't talk s--- after not even coming to fight on the 16th a guy who NEVER put mma gloves on, then having the show canceled.

Are we fighting or not because it getting f------ boring now!!! The only thing thicker and deluded than Pudz are his fans who follow this mental midget, give me strength, Jesus.

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Mega Colossus site profile image  

1/5/13 4:50 PM by Mega Colossus

It so hard to answer that because even though I love Mma I wouldn't call the fights fun. I mean the Alexander fight, I can apperiate the humour i the situation but at the time I wasn't laughing haha don't know if you noticed ;   I've had to make weight twice for both Pudz fights one to make 128kg the other 125kg I'm glad I experiance weight cutting and learned about water loading which makes me feel like a real Mma fight.

PassnSmash site profile image  

1/5/13 6:33 AM by PassnSmash

James I must say that you have won me over as a fan. I do have a couple of questions as what has been the fight you've had the most fun but, has been the hardest? What does your diet consist of? Do you have to cut any weight? I hope you get to fight Pudz and don't finish him just give him a beatdown for 15 minutes.

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1/4/13 8:21 PM by Blazing Knees


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1/4/13 6:22 PM by rbl

Try ctrl F, type in your username. Now you can stop. :)

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1/4/13 2:02 PM by Vulva Fabulous

Ladies and Gents....witness to the man right here!

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1/4/13 1:35 PM by Ryann Von Doom


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1/4/13 1:27 PM by staygreenponyboy

Shit. Sorry about the multi posts guys.

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