Rebney: It remains to be seen if Daley can fight


Stephie Daniels interviewed Bellator's Bjorn Rebney about Paul Daley, who is apparently prevented from fighting in the US due to a recent arrest in the UK, and wishes to fight in Europe until the situation resolves.

I haven't seen anything that Paul has said or written, but we obviously have high hopes for Paul. I mean, we put him in the voting for the fight competition, we flew him down to Orlando for a very elaborate, four day photo shoot that was for our partners at Spike, we flew him to the US for exposure and to introduce him to US consumers, we gave him a signing bonus ... we've done a lot of things to show Paul how committed we are, and we think he's a very fun fighter to watch.

Unfortunately, Paul was arrested and charged with criminal assault in the UK. That arrest and charge and pending trial legally prohibits him from entering the United States. That action on Paul's part has made it impossible for us to include him in the tournament. He's scheduled to stand trial in April, and our hope, for Paul's sake, is that the trial goes well and that he doesn't have to spend time incarcerated.

With that in mind, we're currently trying to work through a structure that might allow him to fight outside our contract. We're not doing shows in the UK and he'd like to fight. We've done it with Eddie (Alvarez) and I think Hector (Lombard) fought outside our agreement five times. We're trying to make that work, but there's a process that we have to go through. There's a regimented process with paperwork and approvals and the like. We're worldwide exclusive promoters, and we're trying to work through it, and I'm hoping we can get something done, but that remains to be seen.

By no means is it official yet. Like I said, there's a process here, and over a dozen of our fighters have followed it and fought outside their agreements successfully. That process has yet to be followed here, and there's nothing official. We'll wait and see. If we can get it done to our satisfaction, we'll allow it to happen, and if we can't, then we won't. For the time being, nothing has been approved. If the process that we've laid out is followed, I think a fight for him could occur, but until that happens, he's in a hold mode, and we'll see what happens.

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CindyO site profile image  

1/4/13 6:22 PM by CindyO

I'm lost. Paul denied it even happened the other day, unless I'm misunderstanding something:   From: Semtex 4 Posted: 9 days ago Member Since: 11/8/04 Posts: 511 Ignore | Quote | Vote Down | Vote Up   A statement has been made on my Facebook page. This story is untrue. I was not involved in a bar fight, I was not arrested yesterday. I am however waiting on my visa, which is not likely to be resolved until April 2013, which means I am out of the season 8 tournament. For more info, checkout my official Facebook page.     ?????   Cindy

KZTT_FawkingxD site profile image  

1/4/13 4:46 PM by KZTT_FawkingxD

Lol wow left hook from Daley via internet

TenOfSwords site profile image  

1/4/13 5:52 AM by TenOfSwords

But what happened to the concept of someone being presumed innocent until proven guilty, as Daley has yet to be convicted of anything in connection with this incident?

12SixElbow site profile image  

1/3/13 4:08 PM by 12SixElbow

BOOM.   That clears that up. Looking forward to seeing you in Bellator.  

Semtex site profile image  

1/3/13 4:06 PM by Semtex

I have been cleared to fight from Bellator and signed an amend portion of my Bellator contract this Evening. Information in this article is inaccurate. I will be fighting FEb 23rd and would like to thank Bellator and Bjorn for over seeing our issues and allowing me to fight in Ireland at Cage contender.

Crooklyn site profile image  

1/3/13 1:04 PM by Crooklyn

As of late yesterday afternoon, when I interviewed Rebney, this was not the case. Everything in the article I did is direct quoted from a recorded interview I did with Bjorn. Daley also said he had been cleared 2 days ago when he hadn't.

KZTT_FawkingxD site profile image  

1/3/13 11:51 AM by KZTT_FawkingxD

Daley just posted on his fb refuting what bjorn was saying an that he's already been cleared by Bellator that he can fight outside until his visa issue clear.

DaleSonnen site profile image  

1/3/13 11:48 AM by DaleSonnen

well no one can say this is really much of a surprise, Daley has such a bad a cocky attitude, I hope he just fizzles out and pumps gas somewhere in England for the rest of his life. I know Bellator is desperate for "known" fighters, but im surprised Rebney is going through all this effort for such a piece of crap. Dana should just them have Lombard back because he feels bad for them..

Crooklyn site profile image  

1/3/13 11:15 AM by Crooklyn

Thanks for posting this!