Report: 10 female fighters under UFC contract


Dave Meltzer's massive Jan 7 2013 Wrestling Observer Newsletter contains a great deal of compelling news items, including these three:

10 women fighters under UFC contract

Right now there are ten women fighters under UFC contract, the obvious ones being Rousey, Miesha Tate, Sarah Kaufman, Sara McMann and Liz Carmouche. They are said to be close to a deal with Cris Cyborg to come in at 135 (all the women under contract will be only fighting at 135). Tito Ortiz is her manager and that could make things entertaining. Cyborg, if she signs, would likely go for the title in her first match. While this doesn’t always happen, the idea is that they try and give everyone under contract three fights, which means over the course of the year, about 15 women’s fights or maybe one every other show. It’s not just going to be Rousey defends and nothing else. It’s a full division, probably along the lines of the flyweights.

Ronda Rousey trashes male boxer

Here’s a funny story, probably certain to be denied, but there is actually video of it although for obvious reasons I don’t ever expect the video to surface. Vic Darchinyan, a pretty well known boxer of Armenian descent who has held several world titles, was in a gym with Rousey, who trains judo with a number of Armenians including Karo Parisyan and Manvel Gamburyan. Somehow, this led to him claiming that no woman could ever throw him or armbar him. So they locked up and she launched him with throws one after the other and he had no way of stopping any of them. Then they went to grapple and it was seconds before she armbarred him and his people broke it up right away for fear she could hurt him with the move.

The TUF beast

The new season of Ultimate Fighter starts on 1/22. Taping ended several weeks back. This is what I’ve heard about the show from multiple sources. The Jones vs. Sonnen stuff never heats up to the level near what one would expect. Sonnen comes across as being there to help coach his charges as opposed to being there to play pro wrestler and hype up a fight and the belief is he comes across great. But those expecting a Jackson vs. Evans, GSP vs. Koscheck, Shamrock vs. Ortiz or even a Bisping vs. Miller like dynamic with the coaches will be disappointed. The fights are apparently great, and this comes from a number of people, and not just Dana White’s hyping of the show. White has talked about one guy on the show that everyone is afraid of. There is apparently one guy who will be the star of the season and one person told me that this person will come right out of the show and be an instant star. Others didn’t go quite that far in saying instant star, and the guy would still have to win the season since the finals won’t be until April. I just keep thinking back to when White hyped a season around a fighter walking in and being the next Anderson Silva, and the guy ended up being the first and only Philippe Nover, who ended up losing in the finals and being out of the UFC quickly and is completely forgotten today.

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Chromium site profile image  

1/4/13 8:16 AM by Chromium

There are more than 10 SF women (there are like 14). The ones missing are obviously Cyborg (still in negotiations), and I would guess:-Kerry Vera (was a gimmick signing and has been inactive for over 2 years due to injury; she's not awful or anything but she needs a couple wins on the indies for the UFC to even consider even with the boost she got from her brief SF stint)-Hiroko Yamanaka (I doubt she can cut down to 135 and is coming off a loss to Germaine de Randamie; might still have a shot if she wins her Invicta fighter on Saturday and manages to convince Sean Shelby she can make the weight cut)-and probably Germaine de Randamie (coming off an unimpressive win over Hiroko Yamanaka and has no other significant wins, is just not as marketable as the other women in the division; I could be wrong about this one though)-also Sarah D'Alelio was cut around the time she lost to Shayna Baszler so I'm pretty sure she aint signed.The signed women in addition to the 5 Meltzer named are probably Amanda Nunes, Alexis Davis, Cat Zingano, Julie Kedzie, and Julia Budd.If the UFC wanted to expand on that without hurting Invicta (Marloes Coenen, Shayna Baszler, Leslie Smith, and Sarah D'Alelio being the top fighters they could get from there now, with maybe Jessamyn Duke after a few more fights), the pickings are kind of slim but they could still pick up Milana Dudieva, Rin Nakai (she's a bit of a gimmick but whatever), and maybe Kelly Kobold. Also maybe a few journeywomen to fill out the division like Kaitlyn Young and Tonya Evinger or whoever. Unfortunately if they're gonna commit to this division the way they've committed to Flyweights, I don't see them doing a fully viable roster.

fightharder site profile image  

1/4/13 7:57 AM by fightharder

You are absolutely right. But i hope you are not kidding yourself that it will become anywhere near as popular as male MMA. The fighting itself is slower,less athletic, and less ferocious. The difference between male and female fighters is simple a gap that is to big to bridge. The baddest female fighter on the planet who lose handle to most decent male fighters.   That does not take anything away from the technical proficiency,there warrior spirit or there propensity to entertain. But it does make it a somewhat inferior product according to most benchmarks.   If you then go about promotion a weaker kind of competition though blatant favoritism you are not making it easier for people to really take the competition serious.   They should have put Roussey against a better opponent instead of just feeding her an easier fight (on paper...sorry miss Carmouche not disrespect to your fighting abilities). They should have made the Cyborg vs Roussey fighter either on catchweight or should have made a higher weight division for heavier female fighters to compete in (Cyborg is never going to make 135 and still be able to compete and more then 50% of her natural ability) and they should have never clearly and blatantly stated that Roussey is their clear champion and really the only girl the people on top know about or care about. They did everything in their power to make this in  of a freakshow event (Ronda Roussey vs the world part one,two and three).   So while i am happy that the females getting there chance on the big stage i will hold off with my enthousiasm until i how the UFC will treat there female division. So far all the initial signs are not really positive in my eyes (putting Roussey on top of the card.....when she is fighting an fighter who is not even ranked top five for the title is just silly).   Happiness if fine but you (and a lot of other people) clearly need to be a little more critical about how they decided to shape this whole thing.

pegson123 site profile image  

1/4/13 7:56 AM by pegson123

i dont know about 10, a couple girls on the zuffa were cut along with the men on new year. 

fightharder site profile image  

1/4/13 7:40 AM by fightharder

Dude,   Gina is a thick girl. Have you seen the tits on her. She could never make 135 without it seiously impacting her fighting ability.   Neither can Cyborg. Its all good and well that they are paying Mike Dolce to help her but we are going to see a drawn out Cyborg barely able to compete if she does it.   Cannot take the UFC woman division serious yet because there is obvious a case of extreme bias in favor or Honda. It kind of sad to me. I think she is a cool girl with star power and a pretty great fighter but the UFC are going out of there way to serve up fighters to her.   Some girls are just not build to compete at 135. Thats the reason they came up with weight classes.   I think it is cool that the woman get the fight in the UFC as well. But i am getting a little tired of some dudes here bitching about the fact that woman MMA is so great. The divisions are not as deep, the level is not comparable to the men and on top of all these we have the UFC also playing clear and blatant favorites to just one fighter. Its an imperfect beast at best and an abomination waiting to happen at worse.   It can develop into something that resembles male MMA in terms of draw and interest but people who are so freaking uncritical about the whole thing because they cloud there judgement because of the whole equality/right issue are a little bit silly to me.

hogh20 site profile image  

1/3/13 11:41 PM by hogh20

For all you jerkoffs who think women don't belong in the UFC, I have yet to see a boring womens fight. They bring it, each and every time! And they will only become better fighters with time. There is no logical reason why women can't fight in the UFC. They are super entertaining and they are skilled fighters. More skilled than the men who started things out 19 years ago.

Steve4192 site profile image  

1/3/13 10:12 PM by Steve4192

Most of the Invicta 135 pounders were on loan from Strikeforce.  Zuffa/Forza let them fight for Invicta because they didn't have enough card space to keep them all busy.

stonepony site profile image  

1/3/13 10:07 PM by stonepony

Have seen more body-slam KO's from women in the last couple years, than we've seen from Quinton since Pride. Their fights can be exciting.

The Nastyness site profile image  

1/3/13 9:30 PM by The Nastyness

LOL at your name. But at the same time....ewwww

The Nastyness site profile image  

1/3/13 9:29 PM by The Nastyness

Strikeforce only had 10 women under contract? I didn't know it was that few...I see Invicta losing some of their star power in the coming months.

JLau'sWarmnessSpewingAllOverMyFace site profile image  

1/3/13 9:03 PM by JLau'sWarmnessSpewingAllOverMyFace

You watch the NBA which has more sorry ass floppers than soccer and is controlled by the refs more than the players?! LOLs.