Boxer Fury: UFC champion Velasquez a 'midget on steroids'


Tyson Fury was not impressed by his performance.

The undefeated pugilist trashed the 11-1 mixed martial arts (MMA) champ via his official Twitter account, asking for a crossover fight against Velasquez since the Klitschko brothers "are too much pussies" to step into the boxing ring and make magic happen.

"Cain Velasquez is a little midget on steds bring it on I'll fight. Not a man born from his mother can beat me! I challenge u to fight all in in a cage or ring! It could be billed as the man vs midget lets get it on! U small stiff idiot. I'm the new baddest man on the planet I'll smash @cainmma. Let's get it on! U all herd it hear first if @cainmma has balls to fight me then lets go!"

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HenryO site profile image  

1/5/13 3:29 AM by HenryO

Arguing about MMA and boxing using Toney and MErcer sideshow fights is real smart

LordSeano site profile image  

1/5/13 3:24 AM by LordSeano

loops are you crazy?

SonOfThePeepHole site profile image  

1/5/13 1:55 AM by SonOfThePeepHole

Wow this cunt needs to stfu

Jambo888 site profile image  

1/5/13 1:52 AM by Jambo888

let him take a fight against a stepping stone mma for $5k and see if he can earn another fight

kwnel2178 site profile image  

1/5/13 1:06 AM by kwnel2178

You also have two point out three facts about that fight.1. Sylvia was well over-weight 311 lbs2. Sylvia wasn't going to take it to the ground because it was originally suppose to be a boxing match, but the state of Alabama wouldn't allow for it so Tim decided that he would just try to stand and trade. 3. Tim has allways had problems with his jaw. He was also koed by Abe Wagner.BTW Mercer got choked out by Kimbo, who is by no means a good ground fighter.

supersaiyan site profile image  

1/4/13 9:11 PM by supersaiyan

either of the Klitkos would wreck him silly

mancini 02er site profile image  

1/4/13 9:11 PM by mancini 02er

Tyson is just trying to get a buzz for boxing. he british right? hatton kahn they all stink. Fury beats up other bad brits and will get beat by price in his next fight

supersaiyan site profile image  

1/4/13 9:10 PM by supersaiyan

pay no attention to this Tyson blabbermouth...its all just to get his name in light ..noone cares really

PoundforPound site profile image  

1/4/13 8:14 PM by PoundforPound

lol @ "boxing dying and having zero spotlight." Wow, you couldn't be more wrong about that.But in any case I wouldn't mind seeing Cain accept his challenge. Once Velasquez whips him in the cage maybe Fury will go back to boxing and actually fight David Price instead of letting that fight "build up."

HenryO site profile image  

1/4/13 7:36 PM by HenryO

End what debate? No boxing fans say their best would compete in high level MMA, no boxers seriously want to compete in MMA. Ya Tyson Fury wants to fight in the UFC for 100 grand or whatever when he could get up to 500 for a PRice fight.And all the MMA only fans spouting off this bullshit about boxing dying and what not must live in some sort of fantasy world. Fury is trolling and apparently doing a pretty good job, getting himself on the front page of one of MMA's biggest sites