Chandler: Alvarez 'mostly motivated by money'


"I think pretty much every MMA fan out there wants Chandler-Alvarez 2, so give the fans what they want," Chandler today told Radio ( "If he stays in Bellator, let's fight. Let's do it two times, three times, four times, who cares.

"We're fighters. Our job is to fight, and our job is to go out there and entertain the fans."

"Whatever is best for him, I hope it works out for him," Chandler said. "He's obviously motivated mostly by the money. He's got two or three kids at home and a wife, so he's got to support them. Wherever he's getting paid the best is where he's going to go."

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Kings21 site profile image  

1/5/13 9:03 PM by Kings21

I think the plan is to take an initial pay cut to fight for a promotion where the top end of the pay scale is much higher than that of the lower tier promotions. Someone in another thread mentioned that it also depends on how much a fighter is worth to a particular promotion. Alvarez is most likely worth more to Bellator than he is to the UFC because to Bellator hes a marquee name who can put people in the seats. Alvarez on a UFC card (at this point in time) will not be enough to put people in the seats by himself therefore he becomes worth more to Bellator than the UFC. But thats not to say he cant become just as important to the UFC as a guy like Frankie Edgar, Bendo, etc.

HenryO site profile image  

1/5/13 8:56 PM by HenryO

Your logic is just completely wrong to meStepping up and taking less money?IF every fighter feels the need to step up to ZUFFA and take a pay cut cutting out other promotions, fighter pay in MMA will continue to be a joke. People step up to the Premier LEague, NHL, NFL because it is more money.If anyone needs to step up it's ZUFFA, or not if they choose they don't want Eddie that badly. Promotions like Bellator being there and keeping fighter pay up are definitely good for MMA. A world where a hundred grand is considered good money for a top 10 fighter definitely won't attract top athletes

Kings21 site profile image  

1/5/13 8:47 PM by Kings21

^meant to say "until Chandler sticks around enough". My fingers dont always type what my head is thinking apparently.

yellow's Tap In site profile image  

1/5/13 8:40 PM by yellow's Tap In

I like the cut of your jib. If it was the nfl, nba, etc., the myriad of teams would get in a bidding war over him, thusly getting him market value. The ufc is one team, team Dana, they are the only big show in town, and they can offer whatever the fuck they want. Until the gov tells them otherwise

Kings21 site profile image  

1/5/13 8:39 PM by Kings21

*waits until Chandler is sick enough of sitting in Bellator waiting around for contenders to emerge and of course the eventual non-title fight that'll come his way to finally get to a point where he realizes he wants/needs more money to make his career seem worth it.

yellow wrkahlc site profile image  

1/5/13 8:32 PM by yellow wrkahlc

It's called stepping up. It's on him whether he wins or not, HenryO. Playing it safe won't get him anywhere very fast. Like I said, it's an investment. And considering the UFC is the big leagues of MMA, I don't blame them for starting him off small and waiting to see if he'll pay off. It's all business. Eddie understands that, I'm sure.  

HenryO site profile image  

1/5/13 8:28 PM by HenryO

So he comes in tho the UFC and fights against someone like Maynard loses and his value is never the same no matter what promotion he goes to. That really seems like a smart move for him.Everyone is so quick to compare the UFC to top sports leagues like the NFL, but it's nowhere close and the amount of money these guys are making is still largely a joke. Alvarez should make the safe move and go whoever pays him the most right now, the UFC should be able to blow Bellator out of the water on offers

yellow wrkahlc site profile image  

1/5/13 8:05 PM by yellow wrkahlc

It is if it leads to bigger investments which won't be seen in his current job.

HenryO site profile image  

1/5/13 8:03 PM by HenryO

Taking less money in the first place is not the smart move.

yellow wrkahlc site profile image  

1/5/13 8:00 PM by yellow wrkahlc

Did you not read the rest of his post? Sure, he'd make less money his first two fights, but if he wins them, he'll be making more than Bellator could have afforded to pay him. The smart move is to take UFC's contract.