Boxer Fury, Bisping trade insults on Twitter


UK Heavyweight Tyson Fury made the MMA news site last week when he attacked UFC Champion Cain Velasquez on Twitter, calling me a midget on steroids.

Today he continued hurling insults at MMA fighters, this time taking aim at British middleweight Michael Bisping.

"I hear I'd get killed by Velasquez. Not in a million years!" Fury wrote on Twitter. "I think Michael Bisping is a first class pr**k! Him and Velasquez at the same time couldn't beat me! My friend KO'd Bisping. Ask him."

Bisping may have been looking for a verbal war, as he had earlier taken to Twitter to defend Velsquez:

"Everyone just ignore that excuse of a man, Tyson something. He's trying to get hype, I'd never heard of him till he called out Cain."

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UGCTT_ScarecrowRio site profile image  

1/7/13 6:00 PM by UGCTT_ScarecrowRio

I bet Broke Fitch would accept the challenge and make weight if he saw that check, though then we would never see Broke Fitch ever again, its a real toss up if I want to see this guy humbled or not

genshi site profile image  

1/7/13 2:37 PM by genshi

Fury is actually cool in person and he is def a funny character....still think he should stick his concerns to his own sport

GARRYD site profile image  

1/7/13 8:36 AM by GARRYD

I like Fury , he makes you laugh lol

TartanTopTeamsHeroinWhore site profile image  

1/7/13 8:30 AM by TartanTopTeamsHeroinWhore

You've given this WAY too much thought bro :)

Uncle Creepy's Creepy Nephew site profile image  

1/7/13 8:09 AM by Uncle Creepy's Creepy Nephew

Fury is a character lol Tyson Fury challenges Haye v Chisora winner Fury Calls Out David Price live on ch5 least he isn't boring!!haha

timessquare site profile image  

1/7/13 7:42 AM by timessquare

Bring the old man Randy back out of retirement to shut the mouth of this disrespectful idiot. How embarrassing when a 50 year old does to him exactly what he did to James Toney.

Olive Garden Table For One site profile image  

1/7/13 7:33 AM by Olive Garden Table For One

Maybe Tim Sylvia could be someone's tag team partner

Scandle6161 site profile image  

1/7/13 7:25 AM by Scandle6161

Tyson Fury if u want a fight some1 worth fighting whos not a cabbie theres a guy, names David Price hes a scouser your both about same size or is this 2 much of a fair match up to u. an the whole of England apart from manchester know he will ko u within 7 rounds

GARRYD site profile image  

1/7/13 6:51 AM by GARRYD

No way Sapp beats fury !!

Chimp Strength site profile image  

1/7/13 6:03 AM by Chimp Strength