Stupid MMA variations increase by one: Footbrawl


Human beings are innately inventive. Someone invents the wheel and give it some time, the world has 1,000,000,000 automobiles.

Human beings have an inherent drive to see who can beat who in a physical fight. Thus was MMA born, from our DNA.

Human beings, many of them, are also naturally stupid. When something world-changing comes along, they take it in a stupid direction.

Thus MMA has been dragged in some stupid directions. Past examples include:

Tag Team MMA

Three man MMA lite



Midget MMA

Two on Two MMA
"In our opinion, it's actually safer than a one-on-one fight," declared Promoter Chance Farrar. "There's no elevated risk to the fighters. There's no blow that they could sustain in a two-on-two that they couldn't sustain in a one-on-one."

To this Hall of Shame, we can now add Footbrawl which combine Amercian football, MMA, rungy, and being really stupid.

The latest addition to stupid MMA is Footbrawl.



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AndrewJitsu site profile image  

1/7/13 11:15 PM by AndrewJitsu


Kings21 site profile image  

1/7/13 11:07 PM by Kings21

Fucking hilarious. It needs soccer kicks to the head of a downed opponent though. All of those guys need to be kicked in the head while some other dumbass has the back. Thats the only way to put an end to the madness. Also, who needs another sport with Foot in the name when they're rarely allowed to use their feet.

zebers3 site profile image  

1/7/13 1:50 PM by zebers3

What the fuck did I just watch?Those baton guys are hilarious though.

Dogmeat 1 site profile image  

1/7/13 5:58 AM by Dogmeat 1

calcio storico is pretty awesome because it is keeping alive the traditional way football was played. Football developed all over the world but European football originally involved wrestling and boxing and was used as way for Germanic and Celtic tribes to keep their warriors in fighting shape long before professional soldiers became common.Footbrawl on the otherhand looks like it is trying too hard and seems to be basically an adult version of the type of lunchtime football game that was commonly played in Australian elementary and high schools before the crackdown on dangerous school activities. Rugby league/union takes too much organisation for a lunchtime game and soccer still didn't have much mainstream popularity in Australia in those days due to the lack of contact so we used to play a mix of both. It looked a lot like that footbrawl video minus the lame gladiator style wifflebats. There was no punching but tackling and wrestling was allowed so it was a pretty fun game and my guess is those guys were trying (and failing) to make their own hardcore version of it.

Moist Gracie site profile image  

1/7/13 5:17 AM by Moist Gracie


shen site profile image  

1/7/13 2:44 AM by shen

Truly the most elegant of sports.

judo yu site profile image  

1/7/13 1:49 AM by judo yu

the italian gladiator thing looks awesome.

AristidesBrito site profile image  

1/7/13 12:31 AM by AristidesBrito


simpsonaye site profile image  

1/7/13 12:25 AM by simpsonaye

Just cause I blindside my opponent doesn't mean I ain't sportsmanlike ;)

ranier wolfcastle site profile image  

1/7/13 12:21 AM by ranier wolfcastle

if mma didnt exist, i would love this