Rebney: 'Key misunderstanding' with Alvarez


"The reality of the situation is Eddie and I had a really good working relationship for four years. I would hazard to even say we had a good friendship going for a lot of years. The last couple weeks have not been the highlight, the high water mark of that relationship. We entered into a contract with Eddie. In that contract, just like in the UFC deal, there's what's called a matching provision and what that means is when the contract comes to an end, you've got the right as the promoter that had the contract with the fighter to match it. What that requires is that you match all the material terms of the deal.

If Eddie had been presented with a Hector Lombard type of deal, I told Eddie after his fight with us where he knocked out Patricky Pitbull, he and I sat and had a drink, spent some time together after the fight. I said, 'Look, dude. If you get a Hector deal, I'm just gonna wish you the best of luck, I'm gonna be your big fan and I'm gonna root for ya and I'll just let you go. I'm not gonna match that deal because I don't think we can monetize that deal.'

I didn't anticipate that the UFC would come in where they came in. They came in at a dollar figure in terms of the $250,000 signing bonus and the $70,000 plus $70,000 and some of the terms that we felt very comfortable matching. To avoid any questioning, to avoid any conflict, we literally took the UFC contract, took it out of a PDF format and we changed the UFC name to Bellator and we signed it and we sent it back to Ed.

Our anticipation was that would be the end of it, we would move forward and we would start looking to schedule Eddie in some great fights and start rocking and rolling from there. As you know, there's been some disagreement on it and Ed's a very smart guy and a good guy. I remain extremely hopeful that we're gonna work it out, remain extremely hopeful that we're gonna be able to put the argument aside and make it work and promote the heck out of it on Spike Network, do huge events with him and conceptually even get a Michael Chandler-Eddie Alvarez rematch. We'll see where it goes."

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Billytk site profile image  

1/16/13 11:29 PM by Billytk

Say what you want but if they were trying to get on Eddie's good side they'd be showing his highlights not the one loss he has with them. Seems like they're building chandler's rep and taking away a bit of Eddie's hype before he goes to the UFC at the the same time

Chris27 site profile image  

1/16/13 11:25 PM by Chris27

What? they showed Chandler/Eddie because it was an amazing fight and one of the two best of 2011. Chandler is also fighting on their debut card and is their champ, thats why the showed it.LOL at you thinking the did that to shit on Eddie, give me a break.

Billytk site profile image  

1/16/13 11:19 PM by Billytk

Looks like they know they're not going to sign Eddie and are trying to take away some of his hype in the general publics eyes. I was flipping through the channels and caught a couple seconds of the Bellator 360 on SPIKE and noticed that for their introduction to mainstream television they chose to show Eddie's only Loss in over 5 years instead of one of his 10+ finishes that would build his name up more

Orcus Knows MMA Better Than Goku site profile image  

1/10/13 5:55 PM by Orcus Knows MMA Better Than Goku

  eddie signed an agreement and an amendment, even, that specifically says if the UFC offers you something and we match it, you MUST sign with bellator...that seems harsh, but eddie didnt have to sign that contract...bellator would not have paid eddie as much as they did or promoting or investing in him as much as they did, if they didnt have this matching clause  

AbbeyRoadMe site profile image  

1/10/13 5:34 PM by AbbeyRoadMe

So if the UFC makes an offer, and Bellator matches, but Eddy still would rather be in the UFC for obvious reasons, why the need for all the issues and lawsuits? I genuinely do not understand. Why can't Eddy just choose the UFC and that be the end of it? Is is that if Bellator matches, they automatically retain his services as a fighter?

MattyECB site profile image  

1/10/13 5:30 PM by MattyECB

The whole point of a matching clause is to avoid bidding wars, so now that the UFC has set their terms, Bellator can match or not match and that's the end of that.That's why everyone saying if the UFC wanted Eddy theyd have him, is being kinda narrow minded. The UFC could easily have lowballed or just put a deal low than Hector's that they still thought would outpace Bellator, then surprisingly get matched and be up shit creek.The only thing is Rebney is a disingenuous cunt and is ignoring the only part of the deal that was ever important, the % and fringe benefits. Obviously dollar terms are a black and white matter, but from the get go, the way these matching clause deals end up getting legally disputed is always % points. Forgetting even sponsorship dollars, which everyone points out would be way more huge in the UFC, can Bellator match a UFC title bid, PPV% and broadcasting deals..

jitsallday site profile image  

1/10/13 9:49 AM by jitsallday

OKMBTC - good insight man. sounds like his new manager over promised and under delivered on this whole deal.

cool hand Ed site profile image  

1/10/13 9:46 AM by cool hand Ed


Cyril Jeff site profile image  

1/10/13 9:43 AM by Cyril Jeff


Silverball site profile image  

1/9/13 8:31 PM by Silverball

If the UFC wanted Eddie, then they could've had him. I have a feeling that the offer they (UFC) made had a lot to do with not upsetting some of their current champions and top contenders, who likely make considerably less.