Maxim top 100: Vote for Arianny, Brittney, Rousey" target="_blank">VOTE FOR ARIANNY, BRITTNEY and RONDA

Every year Maxim magazine offers readers the chance to vote on the 100 most attractive women in the world, from a field that is larger still and this year includes Mila Kunis, Jennifer Lawrence, Emma Stone, Kate Upton, AND three women from the MMA space - Arianny Celeste, Brittney Plamer, and Ronda Rousey.

Celeste is a three time winner:
#58 (2012)
#70 (2011)
#23 (2010)

But Gina Carano is the all-time highest great figure from MMA to make the list, landing at #16 in 2009.

What order do you think they should place?
Arianny Celeste < Brittney Plamer < Ronda Rousey
Brittney Plamer < Ronda Rousey < Arianny Celeste
Ronda Rousey < Arianny Celeste < Brittney Plamer
Arianny Celeste < Ronda Rousey < Brittney Plamer
Brittney Plamer < Arianny Celeste < Ronda Rousey
Ronda Rousey < Brittney Plamer < Arianny Celeste



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timmyboy1233 site profile image  

1/12/13 12:08 PM by timmyboy1233


dchi07 site profile image  

1/12/13 11:54 AM by dchi07

Brittney Palmer is the only one who belong on the list.  Arianny would but I still have nightmares after seeing her Hank Hill ass. 

fightharder site profile image  

1/12/13 10:41 AM by fightharder

Damm dude,   You fucking harsh. I am not the biggest fan of Bryant either but putting Winslow above here......maybye if Bryant will spend the next five years on meth.   I would say Britney.....then a big gap to Arianny (and i am not even into blond girls that much....Arianny just has such an airhead personality that it kind of seeps through in her looks for is very rare that this happens but it is still undeniable. She has lacks class)....Rhonda (who is simply not very hot at all. I know she is a great figher and with make up she is semi doable but so are most chicks. I guess some people like the appeal of a girl who can rip your arm of if you dont go down on her or on the edge?).    

TightTriangle site profile image  

1/11/13 9:48 PM by TightTriangle

AriannyBrittneyRondaKim WimslowKaren Bryant

CrazyPope site profile image  

1/11/13 8:42 PM by CrazyPope

lol, this. I get that she's attractive compared to other pro fighters, but come on guys, she shouldn't even be near this list.

Steven McTowelie site profile image  

1/11/13 8:39 PM by Steven McTowelie


Ya Mon site profile image  

1/11/13 8:18 PM by Ya Mon

Only vote for BRIT

Wu Massacre site profile image  

1/11/13 8:03 PM by Wu Massacre

i think people use that pic of rousey to make fun of her but in my opinion its a good pic, you can really tell she is very happy to have won the medal, she has a great smile there, and has clearly been competing

TylerA site profile image  

1/11/13 7:53 PM by TylerA

Lol, COMPLETELY agree with this... how the hell did Rousey even get on a voting ballot for a MAXIM top 100?Perhaps if there was a 'Top 100 Sexiest Female MMA fighters', she might make it. But come on, there are thousands of supermodels, actresses, etc. that are MUCH more attractive than Rousey.