Daniel Cormier: Mir next, then I want to kick Jones' ass


In the Strikeforce Final, AKA-trained heavyweight Daniel Cormier beat 20-1 underdog Dutchman Dion Staring in the second round, and then revealed who's next.

“I signed my UFC contract,” said Cormier. “April 20 on Fox, Frank Mir, let’s do it. It was supposed to happen, and we were supposed to fight in Oklahoma, so he owes it to me."

In a recent interview at the World MMA Awards, Mir too was eager for the fight.

"I'm hoping Cormier has a good outing against his opponent," said Mir to MMAFightCorner.com reporter Heidi Fang. "I can't recall his name right now. (Given) the fact that we all don't know his name very well, I'm assuming that means that (Cormier) should do well and hopefully come through unscathed so that he can do what he wants, which is come into the UFC and I can be more than happy welcome him."

"I think it's an excellent test for him. I think, you know, always be careful what you wish for. I think that his wrestling will definitely be tested in our fight. My submissions have the ability to definitely change outcomes of fights pretty quickly."

Cormier was not content with just calling out Mir. Next up was UFC light heavyweight champion Jon Jones, who is scheduled to fight Chael Sonnen at UFC 159.

“I’m going to let Jon defend his belt on April 27," said Cormier. "And then I’m going to kick his ass in the fall."

Cormier had been scheduled to fight Mir in November of last year, but Mir got injured and eventually the entire card collapsed. Eventually, Cormier was matched against Staring, who had UFC heavyweight contender Alistair Overeem in his corner.

“I felt great. I was kind of concerned, because I felt sick all week,” said Cormier. “I thought I was going to get tired, but I didn’t. I was still going hard, on top of him, punching him. But he was just a really tough guy.”

At one point in the fight, Cormier appeared ready to go for an armbar, but opted to stay on top, raining punches.

“I’m a guy who is mainly never going to give up position for a submission,” said Cormier. “That’s just kind of my style. I’m a wrestler. I could have had it, but I’m not too sure on that yet.”

If Cormier's MMA game needs rounding out, Steven 'Fritão' Seagal is standing by to help his friend out.

"If I had to choose anybody today [as a Fighter of the Year] I'd pick Daniel Cormier," said shihan at this weekend's World MMA Awards. "Because I think he is the best out of that lot. He's the guy and maybe going to be working with him a little bit. We'll see. I think he's kind of the person not everyone knows about, but he's a sleeper, you know? And that's going to be interesting. I'm not going to say anything more than that. I'll just say he's a friend of mine ... that's all."

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sadisticsoldier site profile image  

1/14/13 10:18 PM by sadisticsoldier

Jones is only "bigger" in height and reach. If you think height and reach means more power, you are nuts. In fact it is typically the opposite. In this case it is the opposite. All you have to do is watch their fights and it is obvious Cormier is the more powerful grappler and striker.

yellow wrkahlc site profile image  

1/14/13 8:31 PM by yellow wrkahlc

  Do I understand his wrestling credentials? Of course I do. Does it translate to MMA better than Jon Jones' does? I can't say it does. The only fight that Cormier showcased it against a consistent, top HW fighter was the Barnett fight. Even then, Jon's grappling looks to be a bit better. For the fight's sake, I'll go ahead and say Cormier has the wrestling advantage.   You guys say he has a shot against Jones, and the fact of the matter is, every man who steps in the cage with Jones has a chance. But I just don't see Cormier ever beating Jones. The longer we have to wait to see the fight, the slimmer Cormier's chances are of defeating him. Jones is only getting better.  

Nucky site profile image  

1/14/13 8:21 PM by Nucky

Mir takes his Arm home with him then the Jones talk dies way before Sugar bears chances of making 205.

Lazer MMA site profile image  

1/14/13 8:19 PM by Lazer MMA

Do you understand DC's wrestling credentials? Do you know he trains Cain in wrestling? He does not have to K JBJ TFO.Now no one can say he's going to be effective or at least effective enough for JBJ at 205 (MMA). Certainly he needs logically a big fight at 205 first (before at title shot). But this is the MMAE (UFC), home to Sonnen VS JBJ so that matters not.

dhas site profile image  

1/14/13 8:18 PM by dhas

People aren't excited because of his win, people are excited because Strikeforce is finally over and he's coming to the UFCshitlord

yellow wrkahlc site profile image  

1/14/13 8:15 PM by yellow wrkahlc

"His best shot is landing a huge punch, and jones has the reach to make sure that doesn't happen." ^When I said that, I had distance in mind. Jones can keep the distance, making sure Cormier never gets in to hit that shot. I can agree that Cormier has the wrestling advantage, but when it comes to power, I can't. Jones is the bigger guy, and his height gives him much more leverage, adding to his power output.  They'll be pretty even there. I see Cormier taking him down, but Jones always finding a way to scramble and get right back up, picking Daniel apart on the feet from the outside.

sadisticsoldier site profile image  

1/14/13 8:03 PM by sadisticsoldier

You think Cormier is gonna try to knock him out from a distance? I'd imagine his first goal would be to get in close where those long limbs aren't as effective and where Cormier can actually reach for punches and takedowns. His wrestling is of a much higher caliber and he is training daily with the best wrestler in the UFC HW division daily. If Cormier comes in healthy, I think he has an advantage in a fight with Jones. Maybe you don't agree with that, but it is very obvious Cormier has a power and wrestling advantage. It is all about whether he can implement it.

yellow wrkahlc site profile image  

1/14/13 7:39 PM by yellow wrkahlc

Here's something we do know: Jones is getting bigger and better everyday.  Unless Jones loses the ability to move one of his limbs, I don't see Cormier beating him. His best shot is landing a huge punch, and Jones has the reach to make sure that doesn't happen.

sadisticsoldier site profile image  

1/14/13 7:28 PM by sadisticsoldier

He went full retard for that one. I mean, to make a statement like that you'd have to imagine yourself somewhere in the loop, but considering just one fight ago Mir snapped the arm of a man never before submitted in MMA...Yeah, shouldn't have bothered responding. Apple looked too delicious not to pick though.

ayeandaye site profile image  

1/14/13 6:30 PM by ayeandaye

he would represent the sport so much better than jones, i hope he suplexes jones through the canvas..