MI town intends to bar minors from MMA shows


If promoters bring mixed martial arts, wrestling or similar events to Farmington Hills, city officials want to make sure young people aren't exposed to the violence.

Council members agreed during a Monday study session that new rules, discussed at a November study session and tabled Dec. 10, should include a provision that prohibits anyone under age 18 from attending the matches.

"I don't like the idea of kids watching this stuff," council member Randy Bruce said. "Kids really don't have the ability to put these things in perspective. To me, this is an adult activity."

The ordinance, drafted after Police Chief Chuck Nebus received inquiries from event organizers, would replace an existing ordinance that is only about a sentence long. While State of Michigan rules govern professional mixed martial arts events, there are no state-wide rules for amateur events.

City attorney Steve Joppich said the proposed ordinance is "totally defensible on a legal basis". It requires a detailed application with information about the promoters, the nature and layout of the event, and acknowledgement that the organizers will bring in their own emergency medical and security personnel, among other things.

Joppich said he doesn't know of any other city that has been as restrictive.

"This ordinance is meant to keep the unscrupulous people out of our city," Mayor Barry Brickner said. "I would just as soon not have (the events) at all."

Resident Mary Johnston railed at officials for not banning the sport.

"This entire discussion is appalling," she said. "You're talking about doing things people get arrested for ... This is not a sport at all, this is unadulterated murder."

Johnston said there should be a public hearing, and Brickner said members of the public will be able to comment when the ordinance is introduced. City manager Steve Brock said that will likely be at the council's Feb. 11 meeting.

Officials noted they cannot ban any business that is allowed under Michigan state law. Brock said anyone looking for a channel through which to ban the sports should contact state legislators.

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newjack900 site profile image  

1/15/13 4:00 PM by newjack900

People tried to ban football for years when it originated & look where that's at now - pt is, if something is popular enough - it will never die - banning it from kids will only make them wanna see it more. They will be sneaking around watching old ufc 1 & 2 tapes like we did when we were kids. The fact that it was 'banned' from us ppv made it that much cooler to watch it.

Jason Reinhardt site profile image  

1/15/13 3:52 PM by Jason Reinhardt

Oh ya, don't allow kids to come to a full contact martial arts event, but go ahead and let them (6 year olds on up) play legit sports such as Hockey, and brutal Football, ect.. But, God forbid they come and safely watch a martial arts event. (we aren't even talking about letting them compete for christ sake) It's only watching! Do these people realize there are more injuries in football, not even including DEATH!! There's never been one single DEATH in the UFC. Not even close! These kids see way worse on Jersey Shore and the Kardasians for cryin' out loud! And you don't want these kids watching a state regulated, safe, legit, mixed martial arts event? Ya, ok that makes a lot of sense. And what grade of education did these "powers to be" make it to? 8th grade perhaps? But, i bet if WWE wrestling came to their town that would be perfectly fine. Ask them how they feel about kids under 18 watching WWE with all the dirty talk, with girls half naked talking all kinds of craziness. But, that's ok, huh? I wonder about what goes on in the minds of some of these people enforcing unjust rules. There is no justifying their thought process on the matter! They are simply un-educated about our sport. Period.

Pancake Syrup site profile image  

1/15/13 3:17 PM by Pancake Syrup

so sad

show no mercy site profile image  

1/15/13 3:08 PM by show no mercy

this is stupid as fuck...although ive never been to a show in farmington hills, and didnt know they put them on there.

RPBJJ site profile image  

1/15/13 1:44 PM by RPBJJ

"Oh so its blacks that make a city rough huh?"--Fraser

jaytrainwreck site profile image  

1/15/13 12:19 PM by jaytrainwreck

It Should be the parents' decision of whether or not their child is mature enough to watch combat sports, not the state's.

Tractor site profile image  

1/15/13 11:18 AM by Tractor

Thats fucking stupid

Obie1FaShobie site profile image  

1/15/13 11:16 AM by Obie1FaShobie

Is dancing illegal there?

DR1 site profile image  

1/15/13 10:28 AM by DR1

Ashamed to live in this town.

Pessimist_Pete site profile image  

1/15/13 10:13 AM by Pessimist_Pete

We also need to ban the handheld computers