Bellator interested in Rampage, but not Barnett

by Dave Doyle |

"Our focus right now is the next three months, Rebney continued. "Everything we're doing right now is focused on that. [Barnett] hasn't been a topic of conversation in our meetings with the staff. Josh is a great character and he's had some great fights, but its not really on our radar."

As for "Rampage," Rebney indicated a fondness for the former light heavyweight champion and wouldn't rule out the notion of a potential signing if Jackson decides to test free agency waters after the final fight of his UFC contract on Jan. 26. But Rebney said the big question is whether Jackson has enough left in the tank to make a go under Bellator's format.

"I used to watch ‘Rampage' when he fought in Pride," Rebney said. "That's a tough question. He's an awesome, awesome fighter, and an incredible personality, and I've been a fan for a lot of years. How he could conceptually fit within the format and the structure we have? That is something where I would have to get people smarter than I around the table and discuss. I don't think he'd deny he's at the latter stages of his career. He's suffered a lot of injuries but he's still a rock star at a very high level, and we'll see what happens with his next fight. But we'll still have to sit around and figure out where he fits. He's exciting, he's entertaining, but, that would be one of those square peg, round hole situations, but sometimes you can make those work. It would depend on a lot of stuff. It would depend on the legalities of where he is with the UFC. ... We'll see. Who knows."

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Kingtony87 site profile image  

1/16/13 8:25 PM by Kingtony87

I agree that ufc is genuinely interested in eddie. I'm just curious if ufc gives them a hard time with rampage the way bellator is with eddie

stonepony site profile image  

1/16/13 7:37 PM by stonepony

I don't think they're trying to fuck with Bellator. Eddie is a prospect, and Eddie wants to sign to get a chance to fight the best competition and win the belt. If Quinton wanted to sign with Bellator, and the UFC played games and fought it in court, then you could compare the situations.Doesn't matter though. This is an example of why MMA needs a junior varsity league. Somewhere for someone like JB or QJ to fall back to. Bellator should be smart and try to play nice.

Kingtony87 site profile image  

1/16/13 4:02 PM by Kingtony87

I'm definitely curious to see how the ufc deals with the resigning of rampage. Do they attempt to match to try and fuck with bellator like they are doing with eddie. Or do they let him go quiet

stonepony site profile image  

1/16/13 3:52 PM by stonepony


stonepony site profile image  

1/16/13 3:45 PM by stonepony

No it's not, it's just racism.

Ryann Von Doom site profile image  

1/16/13 3:44 PM by Ryann Von Doom

I'm curious what happens if rampage ko's glover?

stonepony site profile image  

1/16/13 3:29 PM by stonepony

Glover is going to put Quinton down. And then the UFC should sign him again anyway. Feed him gate-keeper level strikers that Quinton won't whine and cry about having to fight. If the UFC swept up the next 10 or so fighters that Bellator was hoping to sign, maybe they'll get the picture, and stop screwing with fighters like Eddie Alvarez.

MMALOGIC site profile image  

1/16/13 2:50 PM by MMALOGIC

  oh yeah... the A-team drama.   But just like those who got a free phone from obama... they go back to doing what worked for them the first time.  They went back to voting for the black guy who gives them free stuff and Rampage went back to whining and complaining that got him more money.

JoeMimic site profile image  

1/16/13 2:08 PM by JoeMimic

Wonder if Rampage could stay in shape for a tournament run. Those quick turnarounds don't favor Rampage and his love for getting fat when he's not fighting. Also if they go the super fight route who the hell does he fight that's worth a damn?

stop_it_right_meow site profile image  

1/16/13 2:02 PM by stop_it_right_meow

heres video of rebney saying this