NBA's Dwight Howard: Nikola Pekovic could be MMA champ


Some NBA players try to limit their time talking to the media. Lakers center Dwight Howard is not one of those players.

His pregame and practice chats can be informal rap sessions on a wide range of topics. On Tuesday, Howard declared which NBA player should join MMA.

"There's one guy in the NBA right now who could be probably the best MMA fighter in the world . . . Pekovic from Minnesota," Howard said. "I swear. I swear he looks like he could be a great MMA fighter."

"Based on his body, I'm telling. He could go to MMA and be the champion. Have you seen Pekovic? He's 7 feet. He's 300 pounds."

Howard roped Lakers assistant coach, Darvin Ham, into the conversation. After a moment's thought, Ham enthusiastically agreed with Howard.

"Yes, yes with that neck," Ham said. "He'd be a helluva MMA fighter."

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What NBA player do you think would shine in MMA?

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sevr1 site profile image  

1/17/13 11:12 PM by sevr1

First, people need to chill and realize it's a hypothetical. Second, Shaq would have been a Brockish type. Huge, explosive, and without much finesse/technique. Third, you're crazy if you don't think LeBron could be a beast. Reach, athleticism, build, finesse, power. Dude is just a monster. But, also, here's a list of guys I would have liked to see with training, fighting:NBA: Karl Malone, Ben Wallace, Charles Barkley, Anthony Mason, Charles Oakley, Bruce Bowen, Metta World Peace, AI, and Mugsy Bogues.NFL: Lawrence Taylor, Ray Lewis, Brian Urlacher, Larry Csonka, Dion Sanders, Bo Jackson, Jim Brown, Eric Dickerson, and so many more.Imagine that caliber of an athlete getting in there and throwing down....that'd just be fun to watch...

LBH_RN site profile image  

1/17/13 10:39 PM by LBH_RN

Prime Shaq would have been a killer in MMA...I remember his "scrap" with Eric Montross of the Celtics, left him battered in the 2nd row of the stands. But to say any NBA player would be a force at MMA is silly. Its not working out well for the NFL rejects who are middle of the pack at best. Anyone see Schaub or Mittrione winning the HW strap?

TheMentalisT site profile image  

1/17/13 8:36 PM by TheMentalisT

I bet Shogun would be a great shooting guard. he could probably dunk too. What say you, Gamer?

gamer site profile image  

1/17/13 8:19 PM by gamer

Also, I wanted to make this point yesterday. Its just another pointYou are completely wrong about Jones. Jones has been wrestling for ALL OF HIS LIFESo that means Jones has been competiting in an inportant aspect of MMA since he was a kid. He already had massive experience in one of the biggest aspects of MMA before he ever fought an MMA fightWhat do you think has allowed Jones to stay condifent on the feet and strike freely? The threat of HIS WRESTLINGWhat do you think allowed Jones to focus exclusively on using his reach on the feet? The fact he already had such good wrestlingIts all about his wrestling, size, and reachJones whole game relies on his outlandish size and reach advantages over smaller opponents in factJones is all about being bigger and longer then all his significantly smaller opponenents. Thats it. There is nothing specal about him or his technique, power, speed, or chin. Jones technique as it is, is very sloopy! He is able to get away with all the mistakes he makes due to his reach and size. He dominates smaller opponents due soley to his outlandish size and reach advantagesPut Jones in the ring with an equal sized HW who is skilled and you will see how quick Jones gets "exposed"Jones is an anomoly either way (no one uses size and reach like he does too)Bottom line, fighting is the act of combat. Its not putting a ball through a tiny hoop lolA vast majority or NBA players would get utterly smashed by any good MMA FIGHTER who was at least close enough in size There are only a very tiny minority amount of NBA who could hang with even just a decent and big MMA fighterAnd theres probably only 2% of NBA players who could have amounted to anything if they were taught from the beginning. Fighting at a high level and professionally is simply not for everybody. You either have "IT" or you dont

bmd site profile image  

1/17/13 8:16 PM by bmd

I can't be sure, but I'm assuming "gamer" is pretty young. He comes off that way, at least. I would say maybe 13 years old.That is my only explanation. Considering he was making fun of somebody for playing Xbox instead of playstation, and saying some of the ridiculously closed-minded things he's said about other athletes and sports.He's probably just a kid.

DeuceDroppin site profile image  

1/17/13 6:27 PM by DeuceDroppin

WOW!!!! I've seen some total fucking idiots on here over the years, but this "gamer" dork has to be the worst one ever. At first I thought these yard was trolling, but it has become obvious that this idiot thinks that he has a clue. This moron is seriously somebody that has never even been decent at any sport in his life. It's weird because he feels so empowered by being a fan boi, but simply has zero fucking clue. It's seriously scary that there are people out there that are this fucking stupid. Very scary!

CHAUNCH site profile image  

1/17/13 5:30 PM by CHAUNCH

palhares and lombard are 5'8"

Frankie Emelianenko site profile image  

1/17/13 4:14 PM by Frankie Emelianenko

Metta World Peace

chaplinshouse site profile image  

1/17/13 4:12 PM by chaplinshouse

even at ww where he'd probably be 5'8" doesn't buy him jack shit

chaplinshouse site profile image  

1/17/13 4:11 PM by chaplinshouse

^^"Well considering Nate robinson is 5'8, and 180 lbs, If he started training martial arts instead of playing basketball he could have been a force," yeah cuz we all know a 5'8" middleweight woo lookout lol