Jon Jones pulling for the Ravens on Sunday


Middle Child Syndrome:
Because the bigger sibling is the first born and typically an over-achiever, they are the most important and get the most privileges. A younger sibling is the 'baby' of a family and gets away with more as well as being the most looked-after. Middle-child syndrome starts when the middle child is squeezed between these two and have trouble finding their 'niche' in the family. Jon Jones is the UFC light heavyweight champion.

In the Jones family, older brother Arthur is, truly, an over-achiever, defensive end for the Ravens.

Younger brother was apparently well looked after as he is a defensive end for the Pats.

And middle child Jon has found his niche as the UFC light heavyweight champion.

Sunday is the AFC Championship football game between the New England Patriots and the Baltimore Ravens.

So who does the middle brother Jon hope goes to the Super Bowl?

Ravens!!?! Here's why:


Who do you want to see win on Sunday?


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mghan44 site profile image  

1/18/13 12:47 PM by mghan44

Only guys with Nike deals can make impacts in games?Chandler has been a dependable starter for NE so far this season. 45 Tackles, 6 sacks, 3 forced fumbles...those are solid stats for any rookie.

JeffersonDArcyChoke site profile image  

1/18/13 10:08 AM by JeffersonDArcyChoke

Not me. Ravens in the Super Bowl means they could win. I don't want that chance and to have to sit through it with media hype. I'd rather see Brady stop them. As for Jones?NEITHER of his brothers will impact this game at all. Neither. Jon is a champ in his sport but his brothers aren't getting Nike deals. They may be getting stuff Jon has sent to their houses.

PrinceKee site profile image  

1/18/13 10:02 AM by PrinceKee

I'm a fan of Jon Jones, but I think this is one of those times where he shouldn't have gave a direct answer. Why not just say I'm pulling for both of my brothers and I'm just glad the Jones family will have someone playing in the Super Bowl?Just looks like he's favoring Arthur which after watching all the Countdown shows and stuff we already knew...

UGCTT_Shope site profile image  

1/18/13 7:21 AM by UGCTT_Shope

My boys are getting to the Super Bowl this year, laugh it up :) haha!

UGCTT_nightkap site profile image  

1/18/13 4:51 AM by UGCTT_nightkap

Yep! I am a huge Ray Lewis fan but im more of a Pats fan!!

HandyDarsh site profile image  

1/18/13 2:52 AM by HandyDarsh

*waits for news story of Rondas pick*

jfw jr site profile image  

1/18/13 2:50 AM by jfw jr

Ray Lewis retirement party on Sunday. Pats are going to ruin the Ravens.

DoomFarmer site profile image  

1/18/13 2:46 AM by DoomFarmer

New England is going to ass rape Baltimore.

Skeezy420 site profile image  

1/18/13 2:16 AM by Skeezy420

The whole "Ray Lewis" thing? Did you even watch the trial? The DA was guilty of trying to nab a bigtime celebrity before a election. The whole thing blew up in his face when AT REAL TRIAL (ya, he didn't "buy his way out") the limo driver said he never saw Ray throw a single punch, let alone stab anyone. As a matter of fact, all witnesses said Ray went BACK to the limo as the fight started (which by the way started when 1 of the dead guys smashed a beer bottle over Ray's cousins head for "looking at him wrong") and told his boys to "get the fuck back in the limo". When the limo driver said he didn't see Ray throw a punch, the DA knew it was over. To avoid getting egg completely on his face he gave Ray a plea bargin of Obstruction of Justice (for throwing his cousins bloody shirt in the trash; ya the cousin who got smacked in the head with the beer bottle aka his own blood). Ray then testified for the Prosecution but really didn't offer much up other than saying he saw a different knife than the one used in his friends hand (1 of the 2 friends he was on trial with) and said he told Ray "he stuck me so I stuck him". The best part of this witch hunt was it STILL didn't help and the case DID blow up in the DA's face and both of Ray's friends were also acquitted of murder. In other words, and no disrespect to the dead but.. it was a situation in which 2 local "tough guys" picked on the wrong group of guys because they thought they could rob them. Ended up they got killed and there other friend who lived actually shot bullets into the limo as it was leaving the club. They were bad dudes who lived terrible criminal lives and paid for their lifestyle with their lives. But it was clear from all evidence presented in court Ray Lewis did NOT stab, kick, punch or lay a hand on a single person that night and thus charges were DROPPED mid-trial by the prosecution.Please get your facts straight before talking bullshit and calling a man who is now also a Pastor a "killer".

Kingfanpaul site profile image  

1/18/13 2:07 AM by Kingfanpaul

Atlanta in the Super Bowl......ahahahahahahahahahaha!