Tito: I don't want weight cut to kill Cyborg


Tito Oritz is retired as a fighter, but is just getting warm as a manager. His major client at present is former Stikeforce women's featherweight champion Cristiane "Cyborg" Santos.

The UFC will shortly debut a 135 lb. women's division, and would love a superfight with Cris Cyborg vs. UFC Women's Bantamweight Champion Ronda Rousey, but it would have to be at 135.

Cyborg's camp initialy said that following a meeting with her doctors, Santos will not be able to make the 135 lb weight division.

Then UFC president Dana White said that the promotion would assist Santos in making the required cut to 135.

"She can get to this weight," said White. "We have an expert who can help you lose weight in a healthy way. We have Mike Dolce, who has wrestlers lose weight and still feel good and it's all about your diet. He is 100 percent ready to work with her and will not cost anything to Cris."

"Cyborg needs to get on the boat. If she wants to fight in the UFC, she'll have to fight this category of 135 pounds. The stupidest thing about it is that she has Tito Ortiz as his manager."

Now Tito says Cyborg could indeed make the cut to 135, but he doesn't want it to kill her.

"She wants the fight with Ronda, but the biggest challenge and the biggest obstacle for us is getting down to 135," said Ortiz. "You know, Ronda's fought at 145 for her whole career besides her last fights, and ‘Cyborg's' fought her whole career at 145. She doesn't know what it feels like to get down to 135."

"For a woman, it's very difficult. For a man it's easier. There's no fat on that woman. She walks at 170, 172, naturally, and for her to cut down for 135 for that one, its physically unhealthy. As a former UFC fighter, wrestler, I've been cutting weight for over 20 years and I've been dieting for over 20 years. I feed myself, I do my own diet, I did the right things in my career to cut the weight. There's times in my career where I cut 25 pounds for weight, but as a man, that's OK, because I can have three percent body fat. For a woman, that's unhealthy. A woman can't be under 12 percent body fat. Because for them, they're missing their menstrual cycles."

"I want to make sure as a manager to make the right decision for my fighters' future, health wise. I don't want her dying because of cutting too much weight, we've seen that happen before in college wrestling. I want to make sure that doesn't happen under the UFC, someone under my wing, under my name, I don't want that to happen. If UFC can make it happen, Mike Dolce can make it happen, Cris Cyborg is going to fight Ronda Rousey. "

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georgejonesjr site profile image  

1/19/13 3:43 PM by georgejonesjr

I agree with this, but on the other hand, if Cyborg is that much bigger than Rousey (who seems to make 135 easily), then maybe they shouldn't be fighting each other. There have to be women closer to Cyborg's weight for her to fight. Right now that would mean not the UFC (which only has 135), but if they build up a following at 145 or 155 (which sounds like it would be Cyborg's natural fight weight), I suspect the UFC would make a home for them.

sk8actr site profile image  

1/19/13 2:33 PM by sk8actr

Reads as Tito is 'his' manager, which, I believe should read 'her' manager. Freudian slip?

jacktripper site profile image  

1/19/13 2:02 PM by jacktripper

What typo?

sk8actr site profile image  

1/19/13 12:36 PM by sk8actr

"The stupidest thing about it is that she has Tito Ortiz as his manager."Anyone else catch this? 'his manager' Typo?!

Diver690 site profile image  

1/19/13 11:18 AM by Diver690

Walks around at 170 "naturally" lol Tito, guy says some outlandish shit sometimes.

BshMstr site profile image  

1/19/13 11:05 AM by BshMstr

i'm wondering about Cyborg's PED use with all this weight cutting discussion...i know she tested positive for Winstrol, which can be great for cutting, as it minimizes estrogen (thereby eliminating water retention). i wonder if the only way she's EVER made weight is by using something like this.... if that's the case, then she prolly can't make weight.

Steven McTowelie site profile image  

1/19/13 9:11 AM by Steven McTowelie

This. Tired if the constant weight cut talk from this camp. There is one weight class, take it or leave it. It's not open to discussion.And it's called losing weight. It's not just about cutting. Can't we just stop reporting any nonsense Cyborg news until she loses fucking weight and is ready to fight in the UFC or she signs elsewhere at 145?

Nick Fury site profile image  

1/19/13 7:35 AM by Nick Fury

let her bang Tito!

Roy Batty site profile image  

1/19/13 6:06 AM by Roy Batty


GeneraI site profile image  

1/19/13 3:14 AM by GeneraI

"Someone under my wing, under my name"... Tito always makes me laugh, always finding a way to turn the spotlight on him. I don't know any other manager that makes the focus on themselves, other then their fighter.