Eddie Alvarez seeks court injunction allowing move to UFC


Former Bellator champion Eddie Alvarez will head to court on Jan 25 to seek an injunction that would allow him to sign and fight for the UFC.

Alvarez is currently held up after receiving an offer from the UFC that was then matched by his previous employers at Bellator. Under the terms of his original agreement with Bellator, they had matching rights to offer their former lightweight champion equal contract points for any other promotion that tried to gain his services.

The UFC did in fact make an offer. In their counter offer, Bellator literally took the names UFC and Zuffa off of the contract, and replaced it with their name while also dabbling in some extra earning potential for Alvarez.

Attorneys hope to prove that the value of the two contracts are not the same due to several additional bonuses the UFC can provide, including pay-per-view points that the fighter can earn with the promotion.

Alvarez will seek the injunction in front of Federal judge Jose L. Linares, asking for his freedom to sign with the UFC and hopefully fight on the upcoming UFC 159 card in New Jersey, headlined by light heavyweight champion Jon Jones as he faces Chael Sonnen.

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daddy N0 site profile image  

1/19/13 11:10 PM by daddy N0

If they actual did that then yes it's illegal. But Bellator never had a PPV so how could that claus in it. Even if it plan on having one it won't hold water in court because it a big what if. I love MMA but with StrikeForce gone i think decency has gone away for a second choice. Bad Move Bellator

youarewhatiswrong site profile image  

1/19/13 5:44 PM by youarewhatiswrong

I can't quote Evzey for some reason, but he has the right of it. Bellator is shooting themselves in the foot here.

Internettufguy site profile image  

1/19/13 10:43 AM by Internettufguy

I have always wondered how Bellator was able to paste their name over the top of Zuffa's and it be ok. Seems likr it could be some kind of infrigement upon Zuffa's intellectual property. But I ain't no rocket surgeon or nothing.

Magnetic site profile image  

1/19/13 10:25 AM by Magnetic

I am sure he has great legal help. The Bellator contract is pretty clear and knowingly entering into a bad contract will work against Eddie in court. The Bellator contracts have clauses in them that most good attorneys can find ways out of. There is a lot of case law that would show things in the Bellator contract are egregious at best. At this point Eddie's best chance is to stand as an Independent Contractor and make an indentured servant claim against Bellator. Bellator is suing for tortious interference. It is often difficult to win a suit based on allegations of tortious interference because the courts over time have decided that workers should have the right to sell their services to whomever they please. Some plaintiffs also must show that the employee is difficult to replace, a high bar because few workers have skills so extraordinary that someone else cannot do the same job. Fighters and Promoters are not governed by a collective bargaining agreement, which means their disputes are similar to one company taking a top executive from another. The exception that MMA athletes have is that they are true Independent Contractors who are only paid when they perform. Therefore the egregious Bellator contacts allow them to sue with merit. This is to intimidate the athlete more than a legal expectation of victory. If Eddie is in the standard Bellator agreement the case will likely go like this. Bellator sues for tortuous interference, Eddie counter sues under the indentured servant laws, Eddie will likely prevail. Once Zuffa uses Eddie Bellator will sue Zuffa since Bellator owns Eddies name, likeness, nickname etc for all sports and entertainment. Eddie must get the entire contract set aside. If he does that the rest of the Bellator athletes have a framework to get out of their contracts.

Forssberg site profile image  

1/19/13 10:01 AM by Forssberg

I don't think he's asking for an injunction. More likely a declaratory judgment

Orcus Knows MMA Better Than Goku site profile image  

1/19/13 9:32 AM by Orcus Knows MMA Better Than Goku


Evzey site profile image  

1/19/13 7:42 AM by Evzey

This could hurt bellator long term. At the moment they are a great fit for young prospects to make a name for themselves before jumping to the UFC this shit may make prospects with big ambitions think twice about signing

Wade5000 site profile image  

1/19/13 7:35 AM by Wade5000

This is getting interesting

Nick Fury site profile image  

1/19/13 7:23 AM by Nick Fury

Just let him bang.

shorebreaker420 site profile image  

1/19/13 3:29 AM by shorebreaker420

I don't belive Eddie will be making that card, when Dana says oh it's gonna get ugly, I take it as its going to be a long process, my guess on the 25th they will set another court date