Sonnen glad to arrange Belfort & Jesus meeting, Jones just laughs


Immediately after Belfort beat Bisping in Brazil Saturday night, The Phenom launched into an impassioned tirade against Chael Sonnen, asking that the next title shot vs. UFC Light heavyweight champion Jon Jones not go to the Gangster from Oregon.

“I want to get the belt,” Belfort barked to Jon Anik. “Take that punk Chael Sonnen, get him out! Dana, Lorenzo, kick him out! Let me fight Jon Jones. I need that rematch. Take that clown away. GO HOME.

“You did a reality show. Go home. Let me fight the real champion. Champion against champion, not that clown.”

As the Jones and Sonnen just finshing stints as opposing coaches on TUF 17, so Dana and Lorenzo are not going to be doing anything of the kind.

Never the less, Sonnen countered on the Fuel TV post-fight show.

"Let me be real clear and speak direct with you Vitor," said Sonnen. "You've been telling the world that you'd like to meet Jesus. I'd be glad to arrange that travel. But, first, I'm going to get rid of Jon Jones. But, you are next.

"Let me be clear. Vitor, I accept, but don't make any mistake about that. You've called me out twice now. Once after I signed a contract to fight Anderson, and once when you know I was busy with Jon Jones, but I'm letting you know I accept."

The verbal sparring continued.

"He is a clown," Belfort said again, this time to Fuel TV's Heidi Androl. "Get out, get out of the way. You just got knocked out pretty badly by Anderson Silva, then you fight Jon Jones. You don't deserve it. Do the reality show. Let me fight. Real champion vs. real champion. I think you are a good athlete, but you need to go to the back of the line and let me fight the real champion in a rematch."

There are a few things you can count on in MMA, including Dana White cursing, Ronda Rousey getting attention, and Chael Sonnen having the last word.

Chael Sonnen had the last word.

"I'm really confused as to what's going on," said Sonnen. "I don't know if he knows we're not in the same weight class. I don't know if he knows he's not the champion. I keep hearing him say champion vs. champion. He keeps saying to come move out of the way. I would never tell someone to move out of the way but I'd damn sure knock them out of the way. Vitor, that's one thing you're not going to be able to do."

Jones too weighed in on the callout, via Twitter.

@JonnyBones what do you think about the vitor challenge? CALLN U OUT PALAYA!!

Jon Bones Jones @JonnyBones
Seems like the thing to do lately

Jon Bones Jones @JonnyBones
@troynunes: @JonnyBones laughing at Vitor calling him and Chael out


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Glovegate site profile image  

1/21/13 7:46 PM by Glovegate

"Get out, get out of the way. You just got knocked out pretty badly by Anderson Silva, then you fight Jon Jones. You don't deserve it."   Hmmm...  To whom did this happen before Sonnen.....

Bailx site profile image  

1/21/13 7:19 PM by Bailx

FOX owns many channels... would be really nice if somehow FUEL (or other channel they own) could be converted into a UFC only channel, which could be sold in all markets. For example I didn't really watch the Ultimate Fighter shows from Brazil/UK because it was only online and I don't prefer to sit in front of my computer any more than I have to.That being said... an ONLINE "LIVE" channel of some kind would be great... it could work on devices like ROKU/PS3/etcProblem is, the FOX deal is going to screw something like that up... they not only need to sell commercials for individual markets, but to build their brand for each channel they own....It might be a good move for the UFC at this point in time to be with FOX... but the fans do suffer from blocked content in some areas, as well as NON-HD content if say you have Dish Network, Fuel TV channel is not available in HD yet. But in that case at least we do get it... hang in there zazen... hopefully the UFC is listening to its fans....

CMX site profile image  

1/21/13 10:34 AM by CMX

Vitors whole point was Chael shouldnt fight Jones cause he got knocked out pretty badly by Silva, ummm i guess he doesnt remember his fight with Silva, Vitor is the only clown here

Eric Bloodaxe site profile image  

1/21/13 10:32 AM by Eric Bloodaxe

Sure, Chaels material is scripted. But it's pretty damn good!

zazen br site profile image  

1/21/13 9:26 AM by zazen br

As usual Fuel TV won't let me watch any of their shit because I'm from Brazil. I'll never get over this.Anyways, would be a good fight, Belfort subs Sonnen in the championship rounds tho.

Old noob site profile image  

1/21/13 9:12 AM by Old noob

Good job by Sonnen, recognizing the opportunity for another main event in his future.

kwnel2178 site profile image  

1/20/13 11:33 PM by kwnel2178

I saw Jesus making out with Manti Teo's girlfriend the other day.

tatooedMillionaire site profile image  

1/20/13 4:11 PM by tatooedMillionaire

What's the point of blocking out Canada from these fuel TV youtube videos?What a joke

Koku_Ryuu site profile image  

1/20/13 3:52 PM by Koku_Ryuu

Well Chael dry-humped Bisping to a decision...followed by getting TKO'd by Anderson......and gets title shot at LHW. So I don't see the absurdity in Vitor calling him out.

nomad1974 site profile image  

1/20/13 11:20 AM by nomad1974

Anybody ever see that Key & Peele MMA skit?Yeah, watching Vitor reminded me of that