Gegard Mousasi: First UFC win makes me no.1 contender

by Damon Martin | source:

“I wanted to face a top opponent. He’s the No. 1 contender so fighting him would get me in line for a title shot. That’s the guy I want to fight,” Mousasi told on Sunday.

“It was him, (Lyoto) Machida or Shogun (Rua), and I mentioned them because I felt those were the names that fans would want to see, and they’re top contenders and obviously (Gustafsson) beat Shogun so he’s the number one, so I feel great fighting for this spot.”

The UFC hasn’t officially dubbed the fight as a No. 1 contender’s bout, but Mousasi knows that Gustafsson’s resume certainly reads like a fighter ready to compete for the belt. Add in Mousasi’s current win streak and he believes this has the makings of finding out who will next challenge champion Jon Jones in the Octagon.

“Gustafsson, he’s on a six fight winning streak, it’s hard to deny him a title shot. It’s definitely for number one contender’s spot, that’s the way I feel,” said Mousasi.

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Recent Comments »

Fabes site profile image  

1/21/13 11:35 AM by Fabes

Yeah, kinda hard to argue with that.

Lobo8 site profile image  

1/21/13 11:27 AM by Lobo8

Im confident that mousasi can beat gustafson. But him beating jones seems hard for me to buy into simply because of how good jon jones's mma wrestling is. Lets be realistic here, gustaffson, henderson, machida dont stand a chance against jones. they will be forced to fight him outside because of the clinch and his wrestling while jones just picks them apart from the outside. Cormier is the only one i can see being able to beat jones because of his wrestling ability.

bearockbrobama site profile image  

1/21/13 10:47 AM by bearockbrobama

To bad no one will see it

Garv site profile image  

1/21/13 10:42 AM by Garv

Some fan in the crowd was screaming at him to do just that after the Kyle fight.  UFC is throwing him in the deep end.  Great fight.

flipmode site profile image  

1/21/13 10:41 AM by flipmode

Mousasi is one of my favorite fighters to watch, but, I really hope somebody from his camp or his manager etc talk to him and get him to move down to 185.Theres no chance of him beating Jones, he may even get wrestlefucked by Gustafsson, but at MW he would actually have a good chance to make it to the title, then Mousasi vs Anderson would be the best striking match up ever!

Jons Forsberg site profile image  

1/21/13 8:31 AM by Jons Forsberg

lol like #1 contender status mean anything in the UFC these days. Gegard is schedule to fight the guy who suppposedly was getting a title shot next.

XcessiveZ site profile image  

1/21/13 8:29 AM by XcessiveZ

If Hendo beats machida he is way more deserving.

Fabes site profile image  

1/21/13 7:43 AM by Fabes

If he beats Gustafson and Cormier doesn't drop to 205, then he probably should be next in line. Big ifs though for now.

12SixElbow site profile image  

1/21/13 4:32 AM by 12SixElbow

You've got to love the nutsack on Mousasi, comes in calling out number 1 contenders. Gustafsson is a beast, and if Mousasi puts him away I don't think you can argue against him getting a title shot. It would be a huge feather in his cap and huge statement. Personally I think Mousasi should be a MW, but what the fuck do I know? He's the fighter.

WoodenPupa site profile image  

1/21/13 4:30 AM by WoodenPupa

I hate that fighters have to lobby like this--essentially argue through interviews and tweets why they deserve this or that fight.