King Mo: Rampage in Bellator? Hell yeah!


Muhammed “King Mo” Lawal recently appeared on MMAWeekly Radio, and invited fellow light heavyweight Quinton "Rampage" Jackson to Bellator.

Rampage has said that his fight with Glover Teixeira at UFC on Fox 6 on Jan. 26 will be his last in the UFC.

"I've given [the UFC] time to keep me happy," said Jackson recently. "Honestly, I think the UFC is happy with me leaving. It's a mutual thing." Previously Jackson had cited a lack of respect as the source of his desire to move on.

“It's like that with sports, period," said Lawal. "All sports are sort of like that. Here's the thing, a lot of fans can say what they want, but they don't understand cause they're just watching from the outside. They don't really know what's going on in the inside. All they do is speculate on Twitter and think they heard this, and they go to message boards and they hear information from message boards, but stuff goes on that they can't comprehend."

“If Rampage put it like that, he has a right to feel like that. Because obviously something must have happened to make him feel like that. I don't know cause I'm not in his shoes, but I can't tell him how to feel.”

“I like working with (Bellator) because they respect me. Granted, everybody's like, ‘you're the biggest profile fighter they have.' No, it's not true. It's just the fact that you don't see Bjorn (Rebney) bashing his fighters; Bjorn's been cool. He's like Scott Coker in my eyes. Scott Coker has always been cool. Who do you see Scott Coker bash?” asked Lawal.

“I just like the respect they give me and the fighters.”

Bellator previously expressed interest in Jackson, a turn Lawal said he would welcome.

“Hell yeah,” said Lawal. "If they want to pay him and show him respect and take care of him. Give him a pro wrestling deal too, yeah, throw him a little boxing in his contract, like mine. Hell yeah, Rampage can get his money."

“Come fight where you feel like you're respected, where you feel comfortable. I just want all fighters that have been in the game for a while to get their money, feel happy and feel comfortable and feel respected.”

“I don't care where he goes, but if he wants to come to Bellator, hey that's cool with me. He wants to fight at 205, let's do it. He wants to fight at heavyweight, hey go ahead and do it.”

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MMA Playwright site profile image  

12/21/14 8:30 PM by MMA Playwright

"I've given [the UFC] time to keep me happy," said Jackson recently. "Honestly, I think the UFC is happy with me leaving. It's a mutual thing." Previously Jackson had cited a lack of respect as the source of his desire to move on.

liquidrob site profile image  

1/24/13 1:19 PM by liquidrob


liquidrob site profile image  

1/22/13 9:02 PM by liquidrob

Agreed, it was a big sacrifice, because of this thread there was 1 less Rousey tweet or Arianny music update Thanks guys!

Sal Penis site profile image  

1/22/13 8:36 PM by Sal Penis

King Mo keeping it real. 

KingofBJJ site profile image  

1/22/13 4:36 PM by KingofBJJ

That would be a good fight, because Mo is a bad azz wrestler with GNP. Hopefully, Rampage won't go into this fight unprepared like he did against Rashad thinking Mo is going to box with him.

Joe_Drogan420 site profile image  

1/22/13 2:44 PM by Joe_Drogan420

thanks for posting kirik, i know it wasn't easy for you.

fat referee site profile image  

1/22/13 2:43 PM by fat referee

"throw him a little boxing in his contract, like mine" Lawal would get killed with any C-level pro. It's cool to train at Mayweather's boxing gym and all but he is a mma fighter, not a boxer.  

liquidrob site profile image  

1/22/13 2:34 PM by liquidrob

King Mo better win this tournament, a lot riding on it for him

bigcitytaken site profile image  

1/22/13 1:51 PM by bigcitytaken

I hope rampage does make the move to bellator, we've seen all the dream matches possible for rampage in the ufc already.I think its time for him to try something new, going to bellator the competition isn't going to be as tough that's for certain, but who cares all i wanna see is rampage pick up some dudes hoist them over his shoulders and fucking slam their asses on the mat!!

Chris27 site profile image  

1/22/13 12:29 PM by Chris27

THere is no way Page can do wrestling, you see Mo saying how hard it is and how it takes alot out of him, you think Page at this point in his career, with injuries and all that is gonna actually go put the work in to learn wrestling?LOL, come on, Mo seems like the kind of guy who loves it and will try to do it, I personally dont think its gonna work and he will end up fighting just mma at some point but he has the desire to try it. No way Rampage has that same desire. HE could come in and do a promo, maybe jump King Mo or something stupid like to to create a fued.Like I could see the gimmick Page comes out and smashes in TNA and says he is fake and he is an mma fighter and not a wrestler and they build this beef up and hype it to play out in Bellator in a real fight. That way by doing it in TNA you are building that fight for that wrestling audience to say I want to see these two really fight, let me watch Bellator. But no way Rampage actually becomes a wrestler.As for him signing to Bellator a Page/Mo fight would be big, it would be a perfect fight to do a reality show with them as coaches.