Rampage: Jones' 'oblique kick' should be banned

source: espn.co.uk

"It should be called the illegal kick," Rampage told ESPN.

"It should be banned and it shows a lot about the fighter's character that he would throw it. How would he like it if somebody threw it at him and stopped him working for a year

"I thought it was an illegal move. I think spinning elbows should be illegal too because they land on the back of the head. But I appreciate a good fight, a good scrap, I just wonder which rule fighters will bend next."

Jackson, though, still rates Jones as an extremely entertaining fighter, and excuses the champion for fighting slightly more cautiously in recent bouts. In Rampage's eyes, Jones has too much to lose to throw the same wild strikes he employed as a youngster.

"Jon Jones is not a boring fighter, he's got a lot of things like spinning elbows and slams and stuff like that, but lately - since he's become undefeated - he's taking less chances. If he gets his first loss out the way, he'll probably become more exciting.

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6ULDV8 site profile image  

4/27/13 7:23 PM by 6ULDV8

Haven't read shit of this thread and am posting on the thread title alone, so fuck off. I was sure there was a rule years ago where no pressure points were allowed.   This is the same sort of thing.  Hobbling someone early on does not for a good hand to hand combat sport make.   Pls Zuffa, pls.   To me it's akin to poking the eyes for an early advantage and just looks like winning ugly.   Keith Hackney

dwc site profile image  

4/27/13 7:03 PM by dwc

I lean towards banning it. Could be a career-ender.

burner22 site profile image  

1/25/13 4:30 PM by burner22

Ha are you actually quoting him there?

Wasa-B site profile image  

1/25/13 2:41 PM by Wasa-B

My stance is that aslong as its legal, its legal.However, as kickboxing is a sport that has been dealing with this issue for much longer than MMA, it does make sense to look at how they rule it. There are diff orgs out there but does anyone know org by org if its legal or not in K1, Glory, muay thai rules, etc?How is it viewed in the kickboxing world? I would trust they would be more knowledgable about this than the UG.Duke?

noshame site profile image  

1/24/13 8:56 PM by noshame

Back in the earlier days, it was illegal to strike against any joint, arm or leg. When Jones first started throwing it, I thought it was illegal, but looked up the Unified rules. Legal.

andyman011 site profile image  

1/24/13 8:26 PM by andyman011

Got ahead of myself. Which would you rather have done to you 25 times

MolsonMuscles site profile image  

1/24/13 3:58 PM by MolsonMuscles

So does a kimura.

Willin site profile image  

1/24/13 3:51 PM by Willin

We're still waiting for a question.

andyman011 site profile image  

1/24/13 3:47 PM by andyman011

I got a question for you guys and I'm not defending either side. An armbar is meant to hyper extend an arm the wrong way. They are dangerous, and jones elbow got popped by Vitor and went numb afterwards. We keep those because a ref usually intervenes before anything is broken. Now a kneebar is the same concept except a lot of people consider it more dangerous because knees are generally more prone to injury and when something pops in your knee it's usually permanent. Imagine if you got knee barred to the point of wanting to tap, and the ref resets you and you get knee barred again, and then another reset and another deep knee bar. The first thing you think is "man this guys knee is gonna be jacked".Now you look at the oblique kick, in most instances you can see the knee hyper extend backwards. If it pops, its an injury and most fighters won't tap because its not being cranked but it is a higher injury risk than a knee bar if not checked.Consider it yourself. Sure the side of the knee could have a higher risk of injury but that doesn't negate the fact that this is a high injury move. Anybody that fights to cause career ending injuries is an asshole regardless if your name is Anderson or jones

T Bag site profile image  

1/24/13 1:36 PM by T Bag

100% correct.I can guarantee you that another 50 idiots will still come into this thread and post "HePR bLoWN oUT KNeES dERP!"