Nick Diaz: I like GSP just fine


Many fans were a little pleasantly surpised that Nick Diaz made to the UFC 158 press conference And it was a big surprise that Nick Diaz was so pleasnt and engaging throughout.

Fans have come to expeect Diaz to engage in pleasantries more like this:

It is a old story.

This time however, Diaz was entirely professional.

“It’s not so bad once you’re here, but I’d rather not do it," Diaz admitted. "I’ll survive, but it’s a little close to the fight to take off from home for me. It’s fine to be here.  didn’t make it to the last press conference. It wasn’t very professional on my part. I just was ready to fight, I was ready to go to the fight and fight.

“I thought that was the important part, but I had to learn my lesson. There’s a lesson learned from this and I’m ready to fight.”

But Diaz was not just professional, he was... nice.

“At first, I had a lot of hard feelings because I’m like, ‘Hey, how come you’re not going to recognize me as the guy out here,’” said Diaz of St-Pierre. “I’m over here dropping names, running my mouth and I get no attention. It was frustrating. So, you just gotta work it right until you win the right fights and the people decide you’re the right guy. That was pretty much my issue before.

“I like [FSP] just fine. I maybe could have gotten this fight a little sooner, but I like him just fine.”

There is every expectation however that when Diaz steps into the Octagon with St-Pierre on March 16, the fans will be treated to the focus and ferocity that has so far defined him.


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hogh20 site profile image  

1/24/13 6:22 PM by hogh20

Well I'm not threatened. I'm not sure where you got that from. I just said they are assholes because of their idiotic and disrespectful behavior.

sitchpack site profile image  

1/24/13 6:16 PM by sitchpack

Your penis must be very small, if you are this threatened by otherwise.

sitchpack site profile image  

1/24/13 6:16 PM by sitchpack

*other people

hogh20 site profile image  

1/24/13 6:14 PM by hogh20

I don't go around flipping everybody off at my job like they do. I don't talk all the shit that they do to anybody either. I deal with kids that act like them at my school and I just want to smack the shit out of them sometimes.

6ULDV8 site profile image  

1/24/13 5:15 PM by 6ULDV8

Kudos to both of these men for putting on the 'what if' fight I have wanted to see forever.   Goosebumps are going to be a part of my life until March 16th and they really fight.   It's going to be all straight up homey je ne comprend pas CesarGracieStockton209What je me souviens bass in your face like a can of mace wake and bake all day.   Bro   I am so happy this is finally going down.  I've wanted to see this since odd six or so.   WAR!

Humphrey site profile image  

1/24/13 5:09 PM by Humphrey

he damned well should be nice to and about GSP, he's getting an undeserved, and unearned gift FROM Gsp for getting this fight at all.

fightharder site profile image  

1/24/13 4:58 PM by fightharder

Whatever people might think,i myself was pleasantly suprised. It might not have been completely genuine but a little less ''realness'' from Nick Diaz is actually a welcome commondity. I thought he was as respectful you could possible wish from the dude and he did show up and did his duties with a sliver of grace.   Now i do not think he has any business being in the octagon with GSP since there more deserving candidates at the moment and he did lose his last fight fair and square (and here comes the controversy again). But Nick always been one of the better fighters at welterweight (top 8 at least) and he sells fights (and many avid fans as people who hate his guts).   I be extremely suprised if GSP will not be able to take him down and basically dominate him on the ground for all five round. I personally think it would look not that dissimilair to the Nate vs Bendo fight (with perhaps less kicking and more looping jabs). I do think Nick biggest fault is his lack of explosion and problems with take-downs. But i do think he has a place in the UFC (even after he loses against GSP) and while its sucks for Hendricks it is high time that they finally settle this thing.

chaplinshouse site profile image  

1/24/13 12:28 PM by chaplinshouse

i agree Diax has no place in the ufc

YouCantHandleMyRiddum site profile image  

1/24/13 12:27 PM by YouCantHandleMyRiddum

Diax won't win that fight.

octowussy site profile image  

1/24/13 12:15 PM by octowussy

Diaz dicktenants always cite their "realness" as one of the reasons that they're so awesome. So this is either Nick lying or admitting that he puts on an act to sell fights. I like Nick a lot as a fighter and I prefer this new "normal" Nick, but his fans are the pits.