Jones: Sonnen does deserve a title shot


Chael Sonnen is warming up to Jon Jones, who now admits that the "American Gangster" is deserving of his 205-pound title shot at UFC 159 even though he has not competed in the division since 2005. Yes, 2005 (inside the Octagon).

"I'm going to change my response and for the first time I'm going to say yes. I think Chael does deserve a shot at my title because he asked for it and he begged for it. He made it happen and I've definitely beaten pretty much everybody in my weight class and Chael said ‘let me give this guy a run' so I'm going to say yes, Chael you deserve it."

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ViciousCesar site profile image  

1/25/13 3:22 PM by ViciousCesar

" I've definitely beaten pretty much everybody in my weight class "really, bro?

Seats Taken site profile image  

1/25/13 1:30 PM by Seats Taken

Sonnen may have talked his way into a title shot; but no one at 205 can beat Jones. Sonnen will give him as good as a fight as anyone else can.

abi site profile image  

1/25/13 1:25 PM by abi

what a bullshitter, Sonnen does NOT deserve any title shot...pure money driven sideshow fight...

HandyDarsh site profile image  

1/25/13 12:51 PM by HandyDarsh

"Hey Jon lets make some money together"........………......"Chael deserves this title fight"

Stephen Holder site profile image  

1/25/13 11:17 AM by Stephen Holder

How much you wanna bet that after Jon beats Chael and they announce the 'superfight' between Jones and Silva within the next two years, a huge deal will be made that Sonnen is helping Jon prepare for Anderson. I can see it now.

MrMichaelz site profile image  

1/25/13 11:11 AM by MrMichaelz

Zuffa knows people will waste money and time watching these disgraceful sham of a fight.And please.. why is every season of TUF the craziest, most intense tv experience yet?Sonnen and Jones might as well be the globe trotters show or wwe.

cheesesteak site profile image  

1/25/13 10:59 AM by cheesesteak

how cute!  

whadafykumeanitstaken site profile image  

1/25/13 9:40 AM by whadafykumeanitstaken

UG Nlog does that shit all the time.Yesterday's article "white says Hendricks next for title shot" was bullshit also. DFW said the same old thing" if he wins amd he looks good he MAY get the next shot.".It never changes...

Phisher site profile image  

1/25/13 9:36 AM by Phisher

If you clowns want to blame somebody, then blame Zuffa management. It's obvious that they are pulling Jones' strings and that he doesn't want to get thrown under the bus by his employer again Everybody here lined up to shit all over Jones in the aftermath of that 151 debacle while praising "company man" Chael. Now that Jones is obviously doing Zuffa's biding in effort to get back into favor with them, according to the same people who keep praising Chael for knowing how to play the game, that makes Jones an even more disgusting phony. Why do you people even bother pretending that you're not going to attack Jones no matter what he does?