Lauzon: Limbs are calling my name, begging me to rip them off


A UGer recently asked if Joe Lauzon could play the point game if he really wanted to.

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ALL of his UFC wins has come via submission or KO/TKO.

I don’t think he wants to and lot of people, including myself, don’t want Joe to play point game in the fight. When I say point game, I mean both on stand up (hit and run style fight) and on ground (dominating top control, going for take down for points). I think his style right now fits perfectly well for him not just for exciting fights but to actually win fights.

My question is this-is playing so-called “point game” a specific skill in the MMA? I think it obviously is. And if so, does J-Lau possess that skill? Not that he wants to. But if the decision is made by his coaches to play point game, can J-Lau execute it?

Lauzon replied definitively.

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Could I physically edge people out? Absolutely. But I would never do that when limbs are calling my name and begging me to rip them off.

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ItwasAlwaysFumbles site profile image  

1/25/13 9:56 PM by ItwasAlwaysFumbles

Hands down, you're my favorite fighter Joe. Thank you for doing what you do.

circulation123 site profile image  

1/25/13 9:42 PM by circulation123

Is it a contradiction to like Frankie Edgar’s style but to hate the way Condit fought against Diaz? I’m not saying it is or isn’t. I’m not even saying I hated/liked Condit’s strategy either. I’m just curious as to what you guys think. Is there a difference? Perhaps because Frankie’s style is pretty much consistent as opposed to Condit who used that style only against Diaz? Or is there more difference?

ssj site profile image  

1/25/13 7:32 PM by ssj


circulation123 site profile image  

1/25/13 6:37 PM by circulation123

Thanks for the response. I have been watching MMA for a while now but I don’t get on MMA forums that much so I have to admit I get all giddy when an actual UFC fighter responds to regular Joe like me.    Prior to posting this thread, I looked up your fight record. I have been watching MMA for about 7 years and I have watched a LOT of your fights starting with UFC 63. From UFC 63 to present is a looong time and I was sure that at least one of your UFC win had to come via decision. I thought maybe there was a fight that I missed or just simply forgot. I was pleasantly surprised to learn that not a single UFC win went to the decision. Your finishing rate is amazing.

Billyz site profile image  

1/25/13 2:26 PM by Billyz

Step one have post made about you.Step Two: Answer confirming why everyone loves youStep Three: Keep doing what your doing and getting those well deserved bonusesYou sir are one of the only sure bets in MMA. Its always going to be exciting with you in the cage

Chupacabro site profile image  

1/25/13 12:24 PM by Chupacabro

Anyone who has a problem with Frankie Edgar needs an ass whipping. That dude is a fighter.

TheReflectionOfPerfection site profile image  

1/25/13 11:04 AM by TheReflectionOfPerfection

This is why I haven't missed a lauzon fight since I first saw one

UGCTT_Jay Edz site profile image  

1/25/13 11:01 AM by UGCTT_Jay Edz

That was an awesome reply

IronTigerMMA site profile image  

1/25/13 11:00 AM by IronTigerMMA


Old Thrashbarg site profile image  

1/25/13 10:59 AM by Old Thrashbarg

That explanation is better than what I had been expecting. You the man, Joe. You the man.