Four, including Nobre, released by UFC

by Ian Bain |

Following the release of 9 fighters last week, the UFC have added another 4 to the chopping board.

Ken Stone fought 4 times under the UFC banner going 2-2. Stone was last in action at UFC 150 where he suffered a 17 second knockout loss to rising star Erik Perez. That loss had snapped a 2 fight win streak that the Bantamweight had put together which included wins over Dustin Pague and Donny Walker. Stone initially signed for the UFC when the WEC merger was completed.

Also on the cut list is Byron Bloodworth who went 0-2 on his UFC contract. He debuted against Mike Easton at the ‘UFC Live 6′ event and was stopped in the second round. We then didn’t see him for over a year until his return at UFC 155, where he suffered another TKO loss to the prior mentioned Erik Perez.

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BshMstr site profile image  

1/26/13 11:42 PM by BshMstr

i dunno....other than the elbow, i thought the rest were clearly legal. if he got TKO'd and doesn't remember it, then well, what are ya gonna do? at the same time, he doesn't seem very durable, and most likely won't last in the UFC anyway....

SC MMA MD site profile image  

1/26/13 3:56 PM by SC MMA MD

Word is Josh was just brought in as a fill-in fight, so since he can not perform that role, he was "cut". The UFC clearly has him on their radar though, hopefully he gets a shot in the near future

SC MMA MD site profile image  

1/26/13 12:54 PM by SC MMA MD

Very unlikely he did "something awful", he was at our school for the end of his camp when he got hurt, and beside him seeming like a clean cut guy, there were no rumors floating around about him. I feel bad for him, I think he deserves a shot. Perhaps his physical found a significant pre-existing issue or something. I hate to think that you could get cut for an injury sustained while training

HeHitsMeBecauseHeLovesMe site profile image  

1/26/13 1:00 AM by HeHitsMeBecauseHeLovesMe

I don't know, i have no idea why they would cut someone that never even got a chance to fight, that seems pretty messed up. He must of done something fucked up. If not, that sets a disgusting precedence, cutting a fighter for getting injured.

RKing85 site profile image  

1/25/13 10:27 PM by RKing85

I have no problem with any of those cuts.

MMArijuana site profile image  

1/25/13 10:18 PM by MMArijuana

So Ken Stone won two in a row, lost one and was cut?

Jaybrone site profile image  

1/25/13 10:16 PM by Jaybrone

Fuck Nobre.

SC MMA MD site profile image  

1/25/13 10:14 PM by SC MMA MD

He got hurt training last week. Surprised and disappointed he got cut, he is a great wrestler and had legit skills. He deserves a shot

Bill Pharoni site profile image  

1/25/13 10:02 PM by Bill Pharoni

Does anybody have a gif of the missed shot that resulted in a NC?

No Brakes site profile image  

1/25/13 9:45 PM by No Brakes

I disagree about Nobre, the hits were questionable, the ref was right there,camera angels can be deceptive! He was warned by ref and continued to hit in the back area ,Nobre claims he thought he was knocked out and lost the fight he didn't call it a no contest he ref did ! He deserves another shot !