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Cosplay - what should I dress as for Comic-con 2013

From: FeliceHerrig
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Anyone who follows me knows I'm a big nerd when it comes to comics and video games. Two fights ago I wore a Chun-Li fight outfit and this year for Halloween I went as Cammy from Street Fighter and Raphael from TMNT. And of course I'm sponsored by Alienware - gaming computers made by Dell.

My fans are always photoshopping me as superheros and video game characters and I do like to play dress up.. Its one of my most favorite activities :)

Wolverine, Raphael from TMNT, and Spiderman are my favorite superheros.

So I need help from all you guys... I'm sure there are some fellow comic nerds over here. What should I go dressed as for Comic-con 2013???

I will let the fans decide.. i've included some of my favorite super hero photos because they're just that bad ass.

 photo 281354_458011684255098_670233974_n_zpsf27ab11f.jpg


 photo Awesomebodykicktothesolarplexes_zps1ef6dba3.jpg

chun li walkout photo chunli_zps61c8ee24.jpg

kick vs vidonic bellator 84 photo YVYVMORFXZKWWKW20121219172102_zpsfee727f6.jpg

vidonic Ground and pound photo IMG_6561_zpsbd7bdebb.jpg

Wonder Woman photo wonderwoman_zps1b381a18.jpg


Ms.Marvel photo Msmarvel_zps3a3a87a5.jpg

 photo felverine_zpsd086c19d.jpg

 photo BruceLee_zps02a24bc5.jpg

 photo Rogue_zps4457cfac.jpg

Harley Quinn photo HarleyQUinn_zps27a6ec4e.jpg

 photo SpiderFelice3_zps25885dda.jpg

 photo Greenlantern_zps6f2b39e8.jpg

 photo PoisonIvy_zps762c419c.jpg


 photo IMG_5100_zps9485ae5c.jpg


 photo IMG_5073_zps71e55a78.jpg

  photo IMG_4927_zps03d3c0fb.jpg


 photo IMG_4893_zpscac8f4af.jpg

  photo IMG_1559_zps3ad81d6b.jpg


 photo IMG_1684_zpsa02ad9d7.jpg

  photo IMG_1675_zpsada74e71.jpg


 photo IMG_1519_zpscb3c487e.jpg

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THE_REAL_AMERICAN site profile image  

1/15/15 11:50 AM by THE_REAL_AMERICAN

bumped for Felice updates :)

YouCantHandleMyRiddum site profile image  

1/27/13 8:50 PM by YouCantHandleMyRiddum

Tomb Raider?  

Dregz site profile image  

1/27/13 7:48 PM by Dregz

I watched Bec on the last Invicta show, straight up fuckin bad ass!!!

Eggbert site profile image  

1/27/13 7:39 PM by Eggbert

Make sure you check out some of Bec Hyatt fights also

Dregz site profile image  

1/27/13 7:21 PM by Dregz

Alright, so here goes my first post ever. I'm a casual MMA fan that usually ends lurking up on the UG while I'm drinking my morning coffee. If it wasn't for the UG I don't think I'd know who Felice was, I've never seen her fight. I think she's very attractive and am liking all her pics, and now because of that I want to see her fight. My point is the "sex appeal" thing works, at least for me.by the way my vote is for Harley Quinn!!!

mm370 site profile image  

1/27/13 11:41 AM by mm370

Put on a fat suit and a big goofy self made cast on your hand and you can go as "disgraced mma girl"

pocotouro site profile image  

1/27/13 10:46 AM by pocotouro

go as "birthday girl"i bet youd look amazing in your birthday suit!

amadeus site profile image  

1/27/13 8:58 AM by amadeus

Well, duh!!!

BengalWACO site profile image  

1/27/13 8:29 AM by BengalWACO

Damn, hotness!

CHILLITACO site profile image  

1/26/13 7:18 PM by CHILLITACO

Omg that was an awesome film :-) Multi. Passs