Cung Le 'totally open' for Anderson Silva fight


The possibility of Anderson Silva fighting Cung Le came from Silva's manager Ed Soares.

The mention flattered Le. The 40-year-old, who has one foot planted in the fight world and the other in Hollywood, is in a position where he can pick the path of his future.

"If the UFC wants me to fight after our discussion, I’m totally open for it," said Le on Monday's edition of The MMA Hour.

But Le didn't exactly campaign for his name to be added to the mix, and he certainly didn't put out the vibe that he would push for it now, either.

"For me, I don’t mind either way," he said. "I’m just happy that I’m in the mix. There’s a lot of great fighters out there. Chris, Luke Rockhold is another name that people should watch out for. I’m open for whatever. Whether it’s fighting, coaching or doing movies."

"If the fight would ever happen, I wouldn’t be scared because he’s pound-for-pound the best fighter in the world. I’d be excited to see how I do, whether I get beat up or whatever. It doesn't matter. That’s why we compete. That's why we challenge ourselves. That's what makes us who we are, and I love the challenge."

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mike_rizzo site profile image  

1/28/13 8:22 PM by mike_rizzo

this makes about as much sense as silva bonnar did

Sugar Dick site profile image  

1/28/13 8:20 PM by Sugar Dick

Anderson will eventually smash him but I should would like to see an upset, that would be something. Fun fight either way, and Cung is dangerous. Do not sleep on him

The Nastyness site profile image  

1/28/13 8:17 PM by The Nastyness

Listen, I know everyone's going to say I'm trolling, but hear me out...The best plan for anyone facing Anderson, is much like Chuck Liddell. He's not going to take you throw as many kicks as possible. Cung is one of the very best kickers.He could easily pull off a fight that looked much like Jardine/Liddell. I know it's not likely, but...

TheFapMaster site profile image  

1/28/13 7:00 PM by TheFapMaster

What relevance would a Silva/Le fight play in the scope of the 185 lb division, or anything else related to UFC for that matter? It just makes no sense whatsoever.

UGCKIRTT_SonofJockstrap site profile image  

1/28/13 6:45 PM by UGCKIRTT_SonofJockstrap

There's a very limited chance this happens, but I wouldn't complain if it did.

UGCTT_ Lay'n'PrayNINJA site profile image  

1/28/13 6:41 PM by UGCTT_ Lay'n'PrayNINJA

LMFAO   Cung has been saying he wants Anderson for years guys. No shit he is "totally open" getting a payday for a fight he hasn't earned. This fight is not happening. It is Ed's way of negotiating for Anderson's new contract. They know it will be Weidman or Lombard if he wins, they just want to get paid.

atlantis_ninjah site profile image  

1/28/13 6:37 PM by atlantis_ninjah

Wiedman is injured?? wtf he was saying he wants the fight and says that he will beat him on Areil Helwani's "yeah the fight would be pretty cool I guess, entertaining for the fans, I might be able to squeeze it in between my next two movies, well see" -Cung Le

john_d1974 site profile image  

1/28/13 4:58 PM by john_d1974

dude would get ko'd in the 1st without landing anything.

eagleswhat1 site profile image  

1/28/13 4:57 PM by eagleswhat1

????? so you don't enjoy great stand up fights???? He one punched Rich Franklin....only Machida, Anderson and Belfort have ever finished Franklin...and Cung did it with 1 punch.If you think this is a cake walk for Anderson, you sir are disgusting and have know idea what you're looking at

UGSlapshot site profile image  

1/28/13 4:54 PM by UGSlapshot

If this is a UFC on FOX fight I'm not going to be too disappointed. But if this is a pay per view card OMGWTFHTFO.