Dolce: TRT criteria needs to be more strict

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DOLCE: I'm with you 100 percent. That's why I think the list of the criteria to enter into the TRT program should be extremely stringent. But the athlete's need, the patient's need, in some cases is legitimate. Those are the guys I believe are stepping up and they're risking the public scrutiny by saying, hey, I'm doing this because my doctor says I should and the athletic commissions have legal remedies to allow someone in my situation to do this. The guys who are actually speaking up and being above-board with it, I don't think they should be vilified. That was really the point of my rant on the podcast. They shouldn't be vilified. They're coming forward, letting their blood be reviewed by multiple agencies and entities. The media can be skeptical, but they're being above-board about it and then they're just getting kicked in the nuts.

I think that's the wrong way to go to truly clean up the sport. I think there should be tremendous oversight. I believe guys in the TRT program should be tested every four weeks, 12 months out of the year. If you're in it, you're in it for life. You get tested year-round, and if you're above you get suspended. No fine, just straight to a safety suspension for four months, which seems like a good starting point. And while you're suspended, you should still have to produce four months worth of blood work before you're allowed to compete again. Because there are guys with a legitimate need, and they're the ones getting vilified.

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BshMstr site profile image  

1/30/13 1:26 AM by BshMstr

i believe there was a doctor that used to be involved with the UFC, say that there was no way an athlete with a legit case of low "T" could make it to the level of a professional athlete...anyway, the TRT things is a damn mess. it's basically regulated cheating.... at this point, i don't know why any athlete doesn't jump on the bandwagon. look at Bisping....all of his recent losses were to TRT guys....TRT is bascially like the whole baseball-andro "asterisk"....

Chaz Johnson site profile image  

1/29/13 7:32 PM by Chaz Johnson

Anyone can be an althlete case in point timmah and Kyle Maynard

brigsy site profile image  

1/29/13 5:29 PM by brigsy

I should clarify that I mean athletes that use TRT rather than your average human that has a medical need.

madmaxej9 site profile image  

1/29/13 5:21 PM by madmaxej9

wonder if his client Vitor Belfor is the same opinion ;)

Chaz Johnson site profile image  

1/29/13 5:13 PM by Chaz Johnson

Not using TRT could result in someone going overboard being off in a serious situation is a mind fuck and can create problems. 10 years I've been on this shit dolce is wrong to say they should be suspended as in controlling levels is very difficult. Especially long term. Some people are on it 12 weeks on 4 weeks offOthers are on it forever as it stops to be effective. Your body can and has the power not to accept it. I dunno if dolce knows this but I'd be happy to talk TRT with him and the seriousness of it all. Whether it is the most extreme cases or the just normal case. It's really strange no one really has gave the straight facts about this stuff

MagSlim site profile image  

1/29/13 5:10 PM by MagSlim

Bingo.He still skirted the main issue, which is not whether the fighters at this point in time have a legitimate need -- it's WHY do they need it now after they have not had low T their whole lives.Is there any science that says that weight cutting and training actually cause low T?Should you be able to undergo TRT and fight if your testosterone levels would go back to normal if you stopped training and weight cutting?I don't think there is a way to prove why someone needs TRT after being a successful athlete and that's why they're getting slammed. The overwhelming assumption is it's because they cheated in the past.

Ubiquitous site profile image  

1/29/13 5:00 PM by Ubiquitous

Forked tongue indeed.

superCalo site profile image  

1/29/13 4:55 PM by superCalo

white man speak with forked tounge.  

brigsy site profile image  

1/29/13 4:54 PM by brigsy

Firstly, I like Mike and his recipes and enjoy the podcast. Few things didn't rung true with me re this and what he said on his podcast. He is at pains to say that fighters who use TRT are brave stepping up for public scrutiny. This was said after a question about Vitor. As far as I am aware Vitor dodged that very question. He also states that TRT users are the same as insulin users. That is not the case as you can't die due to not using TRT. I'm not against TRT when used for the right reasons but think the allowed ratio are too high. Finally the main thing I think that bothers people is they suspect most TRT users need to use because they abused Testosterone in the past.

dentalninja site profile image  

1/29/13 4:51 PM by dentalninja

Good article.