Lauzon completes food decathlon

by Chris Palmquist | source: The Underground

On February 4th at">Lauzon MMA, his new gym in Easton, MA Joe Lauzon competed in a food decathlon to prove his mettle outside the cage. Lauzon competed alongside fellow UFC fighter Joe Proctor, former UFC fighter Dany Lauzon, and several friends and fight team members.

The event was inspired by an argument between Lauzon and teammate Andy Aiello. One day at lunch, the pair bickered over who could eat more food. From that disagreement, an entire event was arranged; Aiello, who is making is professional debut in 14 days, could not compete.

The contest? Eat ten consecutive fast food items in the fastest time. And see who could eat the most food. In all, ten competitors took to the table.

It was a big man, who goes by the nickname Biggie, who took the fastest time prize, eating all ten items in 14 minutes and 20 seconds. The ten items, which had to be eaten in order, where:

•One (1) KFC Double Down sandwich
•One (1) Five Guys cheeseburger
•One (1) Doritos Locos Taco
•One (1) Small Wendy's Fry
•Five (5) McDonald's Nuggets
•10 oz. Glass of milk
•One (1) Slice of Papa Gino's Pizzas
•Two (2) Dunkin Donuts
•One (1) Burger King Hershey's Pie
•Five (5) Double stuff Oreo Cookies

Winner of the grand championship was 145 lb. amateur fighter Matt Pestena, who finished all his food in the challenge, and then consumed an additional dozen Oreo cookies. Lauzon was able to complete the challenge, but was only able to eat another six Oreo cookies. His brother, Dany Lauzon, made a strong effort, finishing all his food in less than 15 minutes, and eating an additional eight Oreos. UFC fighter Joe Proctor was disqualified when he skipped several items and started dipping his Oreos into milk.

Competitors paid $25.00 to compete to cover the cost of food and specatators $5.00. Proceeds were donated to a local charity.

And if you are not yet disgusted, a rough estimate puts the calorie count around 4,000 with 250 grams of fat, and 6000 mg of sodium.

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DSC_9600 DSC_9306 DSC_9492 DSC_9301


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Jack_Bauer site profile image  

2/17/13 11:30 PM by Jack_Bauer

There are some romo'ed pictures of Joe in the eating contest here:

D241 site profile image  

2/17/13 4:45 PM by D241

Good job on that puke Joe.   It was very nice. Thick, wet, loose. Good stuff man, keep it up.

Joe_Drogan420 site profile image  

2/17/13 4:45 PM by Joe_Drogan420

I'm so high and got the munchies so bad, i'm about to have my own food decathlon.

D241 site profile image  

2/17/13 3:42 PM by D241

        This made me laugh out loud  

MMApurist site profile image  

2/17/13 2:31 PM by MMApurist

Meanwhile in Africa...

cheesesteak site profile image  

2/17/13 1:53 PM by cheesesteak

Sad thing is I've had days where my lunch actually resembles that list.

ObamaCare site profile image  

2/17/13 1:46 PM by ObamaCare

how many times yall gonna post this on the front page?

Tom Lawlor site profile image  

2/6/13 12:06 PM by Tom Lawlor

Stop chewing for once and maybe that will help.

Nick Fury site profile image  

2/6/13 12:03 PM by Nick Fury

looked fun

CR1chard site profile image  

2/6/13 11:08 AM by CR1chard

What's that? I can't hear you over the sound of my trophy...