TUF 17, episode 3 features spectacular KO; complete recap



Round 1 - Referee Steve Mazzagatti in the cage. Adam takes the center early and is busy with his hands. Uriah grabs a Thai clinch and delivers a few strong knees before Adam pulls away to reset. Both fighters are firing big shots early. The clinch up and transition to the floor, where Uriah takes top position before standing up and allowing Adam to follow. Uriah lands a crisp jab and push kick on the restart. He continues to land heavy punches and kicks on the outside and looks to be gaining confidence with each passing second. Adam continues to press forward, but Uriah proves very elusive. Then it happens. In the final seconds of the round, a spinning heel kick lands flush to the chin, and Adam is out. It's massive celebration to start before everyone goes quiet. It's obvious Adam is hurt.

Uriah Hall def. Adam Cella via knockout (kick).

Fortunately, Adam hasn't suffered any serious damage. Back in the dressing room with Uriah, Dana stops by for a visit. The "Knockout of the Year" for "TUF 17" is pretty much locked down.

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UFC President Dana White also added some insight on the Underground:

From: dfw jr
Posted: 10:10 PM EST
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i said one of the nastiest in 13 years. Etim, Telligman, Tanner, Martin, Salmon and now add Cella.  He was out for 4 minutes, on the stool at 6 minutes and in the ambulance at 9 minutes.  Brutal KO.  Ask anyone who was there live.

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WesLion site profile image  

2/27/13 4:04 AM by WesLion

My point is simple man, if he really wants the fight then why doesn't he earn it the hard way and therefore garner the respect earned.  He is trying to take a shortcut and get a fight by talking shit.  That is what a bully does, you should understand this, you are an acknowledged fighter. Let's put the question to you, do you earn the fights you want by working towards them?  Or do you get them by talking shit to the fighter in question until they accept the fight just to shut you up?  That's my point plain and simple, if Bubba wants to fight this man then he will get there by working his way up the fight card and eventually getting the fight with his target.  Someone who gets the fight by talking smack to their target is a bully in my book, you can twist those words however you want but you won't change my mind. I'm not a fighter, but I can respect anyone who earns what they want by working their way up the hard way.  Talking smack to take a shortcut to what you want is not working your way up the hard way. Period. And what does rapping or a rap video have jack squat to do with fighting or working your way up the ranks?  A guy deserves a fight with another guy because the guy he is calling out made a "crappy" (in your opinion, I haven't seen it, admittedly) rap video????  To put this in a reference my biggest interest is cars, I wouldn't even address any aspect of someone's ability to race based on their talent, or lack thereof in acting.  What does a rap video, crappy or not, have to do with MMA fights? You also say it's only about getting as far as you can and getting money.  MMA and UFC doesn't seem to make billionaires.  Most people here seem to be interested in competition and proving themselves.  If Bubba hasn't gotten the fight he wants then someone, somewhere feels he hasn't proven himself.  Talking smack isn't gonna get him there, winning fights will.  I don't hate Bubba, but I feel he is using a claseless means to get to his goal.  How many fighters work their way up the ranks by constantly berating, insulting and demeaning a specific fighter?

ECC170 site profile image  

2/13/13 8:55 PM by ECC170

Bubba would make you his bitch turd...Fighter bashing would lead to a mashing...anybody's who name is NAD backwards is a bitch...go do a cannon ball out of a 2nd story window and land on a fire hydrant why don't ya

DanGold site profile image  

2/13/13 12:06 PM by DanGold

To reiterate, Bubba is a giant bitch and I hope he loses badly.

UGCTT_ForeverOwnedByFryedTakayama site profile image  

2/13/13 10:31 AM by UGCTT_ForeverOwnedByFryedTakayama

Bro..... Take Bubba's dick out of your mouth, you're white knighting for a fighter that makes himself look bad. Give it a rest

ECC170 site profile image  

2/13/13 6:27 AM by ECC170

He only trains and has given up almost everything to try to prosper...You take "seriously" things that are only snippets of situations...You have no idea the issues they had prior to the show...Kevin Casey is the one self proclaimed the KING so who takes what seriously? Obviously you haven't seen footage of the "KING" and Spencer "my wife's been carved up more than a Thanksgiving turkey" Pratt's rap "video"...I would have been ashamed to call my self an artist and couldn't even rhyme basic grammar in a free This isn't about a Gang or whatever ignorant comparisons you made it's about getting as far as you can and getting money...How is calling another very capable grown man BULLYING...you need to brush up on the def. of bullying..so have a good one HOMIE and F you're pennies because you'd rather drop dimes

WesLion site profile image  

2/12/13 12:45 AM by WesLion

WOOOOOWWWWWWW!!!!! Got some issues homie?  Cause it sounds like it. I can speak for the issue against Bubba, at least from my vantage point, if others have a problem with him for a different reason then I have no understanding or partnership in that. Anyway, Bubba seems convinced that he can get what he wants by bullying his target.  He wants a fight with a specific man and thinks he can get said fight by talking smack.  This isn't the street, high school, or a gang.  Talking smack to get his way simply makes him seem like the turd he is. If he wants that fight, he should earn it.  Otherwise he should STFU and let everyone else keep taking the sport seriously. Just my .02

UGCTT_El Pescadero site profile image  

2/11/13 10:16 PM by UGCTT_El Pescadero

Good insight... Thanks for the info.

ECC170 site profile image  

2/11/13 8:46 PM by ECC170

kind of annoys me people like bashing Bubba...I have been best friends with him for a good while and agree the editing tends to make him out to be a jerk...Knowing him personally hes a very respectful kind and genuine dude..did it dawn on ya'll that he was speaking from the stand point after working out with his "team mate" he was worried for him..I have a very strong idea in practice ol boy during episode 1 was quitting during practice and not pushing through...I agree you should speak words of encouragement but after multiple days of training if that person isn't improving and continues to fail himself you too would grow tired of it....You don't know the whole story...they only show you what they wanna show you hence editing...You got to remember they aren't REALLY TEAM MATES...this is a competition so all fighters are going to mesh..I a few months back started a thread for BUBBA to be put in UFC and I'm proud that he is on his way...He's awesome friend and fighter...A lot of ppl are gonna automatically give him shit for being a Jackson fighter and friend of Bones...He always fights his heart out and rarely goes to a DEC. Was working over Schlemenko beat a bunch of tough guys and works out harder than almost anybody ive ever trained with. If he was a heartless prick he wouldn't of teared up when Cella got decapitated...We talked that night and I had him going told em I had a HUGE Sponsorship deal in the works and he was excited asking who with and I said "KLEENEX" you big softy....take care and dont always believe what ya See...there are my 2 copper pieces

TARRat site profile image  

2/7/13 9:23 AM by TARRat

All this.This season is already crazy. I've gone from not liking Sonnen and Jones - and not wanting to watch this season - to actually liking both coaches and wanting to watch this season so much that it's maddening that I have to wait until next week for the next episode.Surprised a little, but genuinely pleased to see Jones trying to teach his guys one of his (seemingly) easy but effective techniques - the elbow. And to see Jones hanging with his team and apparently actually caring about them.Same with Chael - while I haven't noticed much in the way of him teaching techniques - I liked in ep-2(?) that he was in there, doing the workouts with the guys, so he knows how hard they are pushing and what they're going through. And even though, sometimes when he gives speeches, I'm not entirely sure I'm following - it seems to work for his guys.Also, yeah - I really like Hall. Not only because he seems to be a good fighter, but he seems to be a good person, too. He gets it. He's confident - but not cocky - as he thinks he'll win, but doesn't seem to underestimate his opponents' abilities. Plus, he seems humble and realizes that - even though it's a "hurt game," as he called it - ultimately, it's two people going against each other.

ChaosOverkill site profile image  

2/7/13 12:25 AM by ChaosOverkill

Is this the kind of stuff that Made Cole retire?