Ramon Dekkers: Reem took the beating like a b!^$#


Ramon "The Diamond" Dekkers is one of the all time greats in Kickboxing. The sometime stand up trainer for Team Golden Glory, the former home of Alistair Overeem, was not impressed by 'Reem's performance Saturday night vs. Antonio "Bigfoot" Silva.

Via Twitter:
Ramon Dekkers@diamonddekkers

Alistair Overeem I thought we've teached him to take a beat like a man....not like a BITCH!

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vandelay site profile image  

9/10/14 5:26 PM by vandelay

you should really of google'd his name before posting man...

Mertvaya Ruka site profile image  

9/10/14 1:31 PM by Mertvaya Ruka

do yourself a favor and educate yourself.Ramon Dekkers is a legend, period. I've never seen anyone fight like this, he was an amazing fighter, check his HL.

Toquinho site profile image  

9/10/14 1:20 PM by Toquinho

Right. I fd up. Vu

bretxthreat site profile image  

9/10/14 1:18 PM by bretxthreat

Alright I agree with you on those points. He was a true pioneer and the most important non thai fighter to this day.

Bbr site profile image  

9/10/14 10:14 AM by Bbr

Watch your mouth!!

AlphaTardTravisFan site profile image  

9/10/14 9:49 AM by AlphaTardTravisFan

Who the Fuck are you, outside of some tuf faygot who needs to go back to finger fucking your ass while you watch wwe.

Rabid Bunyip site profile image  

9/10/14 9:43 AM by Rabid Bunyip

Am I right that dekker died not long after this?

jodienda site profile image  

9/10/14 9:04 AM by jodienda

Um yeah - Diamond Dekkers passed away in February 2013. First westerner who could not only legitimately hang but also really put it on the Thais in their own house.THE FATHER of the hardnosed Dutch Style of kickboxing we all love so much.

horsemeat grew my head site profile image  

9/10/14 8:53 AM by horsemeat grew my head

Not necessarily by winning percentage, record. The GOAT topic is very objective, but he was the first foreign fighter to be crowned fighter of the year in Thailand, crazy KO power and speed, and tough as nails, and over 80% win rate over close to a couple hundred fights. He was pretty good out it that way.

Gulping the LayNBaderade site profile image  

9/10/14 4:40 AM by Gulping the LayNBaderade

who the fuck is Ramon Dekkers