UFC 157 Preview: Rousey vs. Carmouche

source: youtube.com

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JeffersonDArcyChoke site profile image  

2/7/13 2:03 PM by JeffersonDArcyChoke

As a man, I have a better chance of getting Liz Carmouche to stop being attracted to women far easier than anyone has a chance of helping her win this fight. Bonnar-Silva was a joke but this one is even more of a mismatch. We got Pettis-Cerrone and a Mighty Mouse-Dodson bout for free but have to pay to see a matchup like this?Strikeforce gave us Tate-Rousey for no additional cost save for your regular cable bill and a subscription to Showtime.The UFC gives us Rousey-Carmouche on PPV. Strikeforce may have done mismatches but they never tried to sell them as PPV events. Calling this a major fight is like acting as if Randy Couture's new MMA Rescue will be a major television smash hit.

cward81386 site profile image  

2/7/13 1:15 PM by cward81386

not gonna lie... i liked it

Logan1000 site profile image  

2/7/13 10:22 AM by Logan1000


Ninja Tea Party site profile image  

2/7/13 7:45 AM by Ninja Tea Party

Clarence Parents - "That UFC 157 promo is pretty cool and I'm pretty excited for this fight.. I just really wish they could have left out the whole "They'll break more than your heart" transition scene". I agree, I think it undermines them as fighters and is damaging to WMMA in the long run. The promos should focus on their ability as fighters, because that's what people should be interested in. If you draw attention to their looks then all that is going to happen is when two unattractive fighters are scheduled then people will just think "meh, they're not great to look at so I won't bother". I'm not naive, I know sex sells, but you need to be careful how you're framing your "product". Unless the women's division is solely set up to get this sort of attention. Bonkers move, it would turn me off events because I watch MMA for the fighting, movies do pretty girls a million times better.

3rdLion site profile image  

2/7/13 7:30 AM by 3rdLion

Such a fucking mis-match main event. I can't believe they actually expect people to pay for such a formality.

PermitMeFisticuffsBrother site profile image  

2/7/13 7:17 AM by PermitMeFisticuffsBrother

Liz is already getting sized up for an arm cast.

JShad site profile image  

2/7/13 5:37 AM by JShad

I always get the impression that they say things during fights just to use as sound bytes later on. Like when they make comments like "Who can beat this guy?!" or something like that.

charliedelta1000 site profile image  

2/7/13 5:14 AM by charliedelta1000

Does anyone else hate when they chop sound bytes of commentary from previous fights and use it as though it was said in a different fight, just to suit the promo? Seems so fake.

Harold_Howard site profile image  

2/6/13 11:59 PM by Harold_Howard

Lol at the Rousey fight being a main event. Put that shit on the Facebook prelims next to a Volkman fight

MT11 site profile image  

2/6/13 11:45 PM by MT11

I'd rather see Machida and Hendo footage.