Riddle: I still have the best KO in TUF History

source: The Verbal Submission

When asked who he felt now holds the knockout record on last night's episode of The Verbal Submission, "Deep Waters" admitted that Hall's KO was flashier, but in terms of actual damage, he's still king.

Here's word-for-word what Riddle had to say:

"I think [Hall's] knockout was definitely one of the flashiest and hard-hitting knockouts. Usually knockouts that happen that way aren't as hard-hitting as that. It was a really impressive knockout and he did a lot of damage with that kick. That said, when I was on season seven, I broke that dude's jaw in three places and gave him a level three concussion which means he had amnesia and he didn't remember six months of his life. So that guy (Adam Cella) got his memory back in an hour, my guy didn't get his memory back for six months AND he had his jaw wired for six months. So I think his knockout was definitely fancier and definitely way prettier, but medically and in long term damage, I still hold the record."

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GoldMedaLInTapping(R) site profile image  

2/9/13 1:22 PM by GoldMedaLInTapping(R)

Riddle comes off as a cocksucker

Pancake Syrup site profile image  

2/9/13 1:00 PM by Pancake Syrup

Mills will do it

Pancake Syrup site profile image  

2/9/13 12:58 PM by Pancake Syrup

I still fail to see how a hard punch followed by 2-3 punches that weren't needed is better than a spinning back kick. I guess he also thinks his tuf KO is better than Barboza's on Etim

Dougie site profile image  

2/9/13 12:48 PM by Dougie

Randleman would be glad to oblige.

DevinS site profile image  

2/9/13 12:09 PM by DevinS

Riddle needs to get his ass kicked.

GroundStPound site profile image  

2/9/13 11:50 AM by GroundStPound

Wow way to stay classy

DCortez site profile image  

2/9/13 11:41 AM by DCortez

you my friend are a fucktard!

John Bugara site profile image  

2/9/13 3:09 AM by John Bugara

i think you guys are overreacting. he's just stating facts and happens to be a bit brash. he just explains the extent of the damage and then says how much flashier and prettier uriahs ko was. relax ya bunch of sallys.

ColdKiller X site profile image  

2/9/13 2:46 AM by ColdKiller X

what a classless, tacky thing for him to say... I can't believe it.

Dougie site profile image  

2/9/13 12:16 AM by Dougie

I don't want to bash Riddle and I hope it's not taken that way but I think that the UFC could up it's game a little and "TIER" it's compitition and events. In doing so, Riddle would not make it to a PPV, maybe not even the TV roster. PPVs should be top class fights that people are paying to see. Here is where you want to see Silva vs Jones etc. GSP vs Diaz etc. Cable should be the up and comers getting ready for the PPV events and you can have a few meaningful rankings fights there too to round them out and bring people in. The casual TV fan will be able to follow his fave fighter and then will want to buy the PPV. Put guys in here that may be on their last legs. Fans will want to see them fight here too. You'll have everything from Erik Silva vs Jordon Mein to Shamrock vs Ortiz #43 here. The farm league can be a dark league or used for "UFC Unleashed" etc. The fights give meaningful experience, a great backdrop to build up and stock footage for fighters as they work their way through the ranks. I really think Riddle should be here right now.