UFC Primetime: Rousey vs. Carmouche, episode 1 full video


The first 30-minute episode of the UFC Primetime: Rousey vs. Carmouche three-part series debuted on FOX Sports Net , and you can watch the replay right here on The Underground.

Episode 1 focuses on Rousey's rigid training schedule, which takes place at a series of five separate Southern California gyms and requirea some 100 miles of driving and 16 hours of commitment per day, as well as her rise from fighter/bartender struggling to pay the rent to the face of WMMA.

In the final five minutes, Rousey, generally seen as an outspoken, brash and "Rowdy" character cast along the lines of Chael Sonnen, opens up about her father's decision to take his own life. It's a tear-filled segment in which the UFC champ questions her life's decisions and whether she's fully lived up to her father's hopes.

Meanwhile, Liz Carmouche candidly talks about becoming comfortable with herself as an openly gay athlete and learning to be open with her sexuality. She's also presented as an incredibly hardworking athlete in her own right, spending 14 hours each day training in and serving as an employee of her home gym.

It's the ultimate underdog story in many ways, but she intends to pull of the upset and "ruin the UFC's plans.

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Ronda Rousey fights Liz Carmouche on Feb 23 at UFC 157: Rousey vs. Carmouche in Anaheim, Calif.


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fightharder site profile image  

2/11/13 12:38 PM by fightharder

Because that is how the UFC is spinning her. She is the lesbian fighter. The expect her to talk to her demo.She is not getting the shot because she is a legitimate top five contender. She is getting it because she might bring in extra eyes to the UFC and she is potentially marketable.   I am going to get a lot of hate for saying this but i was not really feeling this whole thing at all. I guess i am just not really OK with sharing personal grief with so many stranger in such an open manner. I know people lap that stuff up nowadays. I guess it has to do with being from a different culture but i frankly feel it cheapens you to share something so personal with so many strangers. It bothered Rhonda as well but she still sat there and went over the whole story yet again.   Apart from the whole grief thing something inherently bothers me about Rhonda. I must admit that i kind of liked her when she first stepped on the scene. But then her mouth proceeded to get the better of her. I was still somewhat OK with certain indiscretions but then she stopped practicing what she preached and was actually doing the things she accused other people off.   Now she just seems fake and entitled to me. I know she is a great fighter,i know she works harder the most and honestly she has a lot of great qualities and still seem like a cool chick most times. But something poisoned the well for me. She claims she the greatest but she ducks fights. She is fighting a opponent that simple does not deserve the titleshot. She seems to go out of her way to stay dumb rather questionable stuff at the best of times and she has an inherent lack of respect for other fighters.   On top of that,frankly she is not really that interesting either in my eyes. Ofcource i already knew about her so perhaps you is interesting for people others but nothing in the primetime really made me forget about all the past indiscretions.  

Nothing2 site profile image  

2/10/13 1:37 AM by Nothing2

Does anyone care about her lesbian lifestyle? Why does she feel the need to keep throwing it in our faces?

ShaqNoob site profile image  

2/10/13 1:26 AM by ShaqNoob


oplix site profile image  

2/10/13 12:26 AM by oplix

Her sister is VERY NICE. HOW MUCH?

UGCTT Molsonmuscle360 site profile image  

2/9/13 3:35 AM by UGCTT Molsonmuscle360

They won't go that low.  She'll get the same the contenders at 125 get.  That's why I said 9/9 cuz that's Creepy's contract IIRC.

Jstmike site profile image  

2/9/13 3:30 AM by Jstmike

6/6 is my guess

UGCTT Molsonmuscle360 site profile image  

2/9/13 3:21 AM by UGCTT Molsonmuscle360

You guys think Liz will be getting paid 15?  I would actually more venture a guess of a 9/9 type deal

Boptrotme4u site profile image  

2/9/13 3:12 AM by Boptrotme4u

She was angry with herself for prostituting her fathers memory whilst she was prostituting her fathers memory Me confused.

Abli83 site profile image  

2/9/13 2:56 AM by Abli83

The crying bit was weird IMO. Looking forward to the fight

Christ Crapped in My Fish and Chips site profile image  

2/9/13 2:51 AM by Christ Crapped in My Fish and Chips

Haha probably. Will be interesting to see Ronda's as well. Although not sure if they have to disclose it in Californ