Sonnen: Jones 'considerably better' than Silva

source: Fox Sports Radio

"I think there's a big gap between them," Sonnen said in an interview with Jay Mohr on FOX Sports Radio. "I think that Jon Jones is considerably better, I think he's the best talent our sport has ever seen."

"Jon comes out there with something new every time," he said. "Some trick that it appears he's making up. Stuff I've never seen."

"I am 100 percent offense and from the second the referee says, ‘Go.' I will. I will come across and I will bring the fight to him," Sonnen said. "I may go down, he's a good fighter I may go down, but I promise you I will go like a gangster and I will be firing the entire time."

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DaemonDragon site profile image  

2/11/13 3:17 AM by DaemonDragon

100% agree, he's already pretty much resigned himself to losing to Jones. I think to him it's just a question of how badly he loses, and how much damage he sustains.I suppose that's good in that Chael isn't completely delusional enough to think he has any chance. But you aren't actually supposed to *say* things that indicate your true feelings of knowing you will lose.Chael of all people should know that sounding resigned to defeat is not how you sell a fight!Terrible fight. When Chael is barely even bothering to act like he can win, you know it's bad.

well rounded poster site profile image  

2/11/13 3:17 AM by well rounded poster

You seem confused. Are you just saying Bones could take Anderson down? Or are you agreeing with the post you quoted and saying Bones would beat Anderson easily? Of course Bones could take Anderson down, but he could also get caught standing and KTFO >:D

theshooter site profile image  

2/11/13 3:09 AM by theshooter

"I'd put the number of fights Sonnen has left at two, and then he can retreat to his FOX dek job where he belongs."Chael should go to WWE.

Bisping decisioned my SN site profile image  

2/11/13 3:04 AM by Bisping decisioned my SN

Did u really need him to state the obvious to realize the reality of this fight...

Bisping decisioned my SN site profile image  

2/11/13 2:59 AM by Bisping decisioned my SN

This. People wanna act like bones couldn't take silva down lol.

Bisping decisioned my SN site profile image  

2/11/13 2:52 AM by Bisping decisioned my SN

He's just speaking the truth

XcessiveZ site profile image  

2/10/13 11:57 PM by XcessiveZ

Lol at your for buying his "selling a fight" act.

JetSetter site profile image  

2/10/13 11:39 PM by JetSetter

He just saved me $55. He all but said he has no chance to win but that he will make it entertaining until he gets KTFO.Looking forward to Chael becoming a commentator full time.

OnlyTheStrongSurvive site profile image  

2/10/13 11:17 PM by OnlyTheStrongSurvive

Chael would disagree with you, sir.

Nothing2 site profile image  

2/10/13 11:03 PM by Nothing2

Let me wrap my legs around your neck until you are dead or brain dead, then you tell everyone in the after life how you really won.