Penn In Utah for cataract surgery


BJ Penn has traveled to Utah after the UFC insisted on enlisting the service of famed eye surgeon, Dr. Alan Crandall, to repair a damaged eye suffering from cataracts.

The Surgeon, based in Salt Lake City, is best known for his work with boxing champion Antonio Margarito, and successfully completed the only eye repair surgery on a high profile fighter of this kind to pass through an athletic commissions test for licensure.

“January of last year is when I first noticed there was a problem”, said Penn. “I was looking at my iPhone and I really couldn’t tell what was going on. At first, I thought I tore my retina, so I went to my doctor and he said, ‘I can see right away what the problem is, you have a cataract’"

“People ask me all the time if I’m going to fight again and I almost just want to change the subject because right now, I definitely don’t want to fight with a cataract in my eye.”

“The number one reason for the surgery is just for daily life. I have a tough time driving at night when the lights are shining and I’d like to get that back. On the other hand, you never know what you’re going to be thinking if the surgery goes well. If I go in the gym and I’m knocking down all my sparring partners and doing awesome I would definitely think of fighting again."

“The UFC really set me up, they are taking first class care of me."

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Mudderfaeg site profile image  

2/13/13 6:33 PM by Mudderfaeg

LOL! We got new one!Motivated BJ and No Cataract BJ. Motivated BJ with no cataracts = NO CAN DEFEND!

Ep32nv site profile image  

2/13/13 5:17 PM by Ep32nv

I also have RP which is probably why my night vision didn't improve.

regiondoc site profile image  

2/13/13 2:32 PM by regiondoc

It sounds like floaters, which are basically debris floating in the back of the eye. Your ophthalmologist should be able to see them. Definitely not the bad AIDS

Ep32nv site profile image  

2/12/13 4:04 PM by Ep32nv

Damn would I love to rub my eyes!!

TheFapMaster site profile image  

2/12/13 3:31 PM by TheFapMaster

Yes it does. Sucks that he has to take it. There has to be other options for treating his sinus infections. I have a deviated septum, and get them all of the time. I have always been prescribed Z-packs and that always takes care of it.

Motivated Penn site profile image  

2/12/13 3:18 PM by Motivated Penn

I had Visian ICL's installed in.. 2008, and I've rubbed my eyes like a motherfucker with no problems, heard nothing about it being a risk. Not saying you should do the same, you should definitely listen to your eye surgeon. regiondoc - Thanks, I see you're an eye surgeon too, that's cool.   Hey, let me ask you something, since you're here. For my entire life, when I am viewing, for example, a white wall, in the dark, colors are dancing around... red.. and tons of dots that dart around. Do I have eye AIDS?

Wu Massacre site profile image  

2/12/13 3:03 PM by Wu Massacre

uhmm yeah there are no springs they make tiny incision which repairs full and place a plastic lens in where your natural lens was and it heals fully cataract repair is very easy and not a big dealBUT if you abuse opoids you are fucked because they put this big ass needle through your f'ing eyeball directly into your optic nerve because the other topical injection isnt enough wheeeeeeew

regiondoc site profile image  

2/12/13 2:41 PM by regiondoc

It takes a large amount of force to dislocate the lens implant. Rubbing your eyes is not enough force. Night vision improves in a significant amount of patients undergoing cataract surgery.

GayGuardMooseSaucy site profile image  

2/12/13 11:56 AM by GayGuardMooseSaucy

Well it is a steroid lol. Might also be the reason he's not at 155, the medicine makes you gain weight like crazy.

8flat site profile image  

2/12/13 10:10 AM by 8flat

LOL at someone calling prednisone a PED.Hope the surgery works it, cataracts are nothing to laugh about.