Pat Barry: Female fight always most exciting on a card


 UFC heavyweight (and boyfriend of rising WMMA star Rose Namajunas) Pat Barry recently was interviewed by MMA Fighting, and declared that on any local fight card, if there is a female fight, it will be the most exciting.

"I can't wait until (Rose) takes over and I can sit down and don't have to do this any more," said Barry.

"I'll bet all my dollars on her. I'll sit back and eat my chicken and go 'yah - you got it.'

"I'll post this challenge to anyone. You got a local show, not a big time show, go to a local show, that's got 10, 12, 15 fights on the card and have one female fight on the card, and tell me that's not the most exciting fight of the night.

"And that's every time. You go to a local show, whenever those two ladies start fighting, the crowd goes crazy. They go absolutely insane.

"They have a different emotion gene in them, that when they fight, something comes out in them that us as men, we cannot produce… There's something else they do that we can't do.

"I can't wait til she gets to the UFC. It's coming."

(1:15 mark)

What do you think?

Are the female fights on local cards in your area more exciting?


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Darkstar95 site profile image  

2/12/13 12:26 AM by Darkstar95

I've never seen a boring female fights, they all fight their hearts out. With that said, I've seen a lot of bad one.

Poindexter site profile image  

2/12/13 12:24 AM by Poindexter

Barry is the man.

dannyapodaca site profile image  

2/12/13 12:22 AM by dannyapodaca

The chick fights are when I choose to go to the bathroom

stonepony site profile image  

2/12/13 12:08 AM by stonepony

I actually think it's just women being women. Very mentally/emotionally different from men when it comes to fighting.Watch the Rousey vs Tate stare-down. I've never seen two people genuinely hate each other more. Tate looked like she was going to cry from anger. male fighters in their little rivalries look like good natured bad actors by comparison. Guys talk a little, then they fight, then the moment it's over they're hugging it out. There were no hugs while Meisha was clutching that wrecked arm. Women get personal and hold grudges. They don't become friends after trading bloody noses. Plenty of guys can tell you about schoolyard fights, where they traded a couple punches, and were life long best friends. Women, they might trade punches, but it's not over until one of them is crying in the shower and cutting herself and changing her name and moving to a new city. Tate refused to tap out of nothing but deep angry feminine contempt and spite.

stonepony site profile image  

2/11/13 11:56 PM by stonepony

We keep getting awesome body-slam KOs from the female fighters. When is the last time we saw one in male MMA? When is the last time Rampage did it? Pride?

RKing85 site profile image  

2/11/13 10:50 PM by RKing85

what a dumb statement.Just like men's mma, women's mma has good fights and bad fights.

soremano site profile image  

2/11/13 10:47 PM by soremano

too thug? or not thug enough you decide

MT11 site profile image  

2/11/13 10:46 PM by MT11

Imagine what could result of this wmma invasion. 50% female on the UG would lead to EPIC keyboard battles.

Wisco Thai site profile image  

2/11/13 10:17 PM by Wisco Thai

Well this could get interesting.