Mirzaev talks Bellator, UFC, & Russian prison

by James Goyder | source: mmamania.com

Russian prisons have a bad reputation, were you able to stay in shape while you were there and if so, how?

No, I do not do anything in there. This was not a focus at that time.

How did your time in prison affect you?

I enjoy the ability to have freedom. I will live my life to be what I can.

When / where are you planning on fighting next?

Combat Sambo in Russia. For MMA, I will wait and see with my manager

Khabib Nurmagomedov and Rustan Khabilov have enjoyed success in the U.S. recently. Are you confident that, given the opportunity, you could have a similar impact?

I am very sure I can do well. I want to fight anywhere and everywhere to show my skills. For now one step at a time.

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Anderson's BBC in my Goku site profile image  

2/12/13 1:25 PM by Anderson's BBC in my Goku


yabadaba site profile image  

2/12/13 1:16 PM by yabadaba

"Here's your video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ujP8Z2pjMHs The best there is"

Othello site profile image  

2/12/13 12:51 PM by Othello

Are you referring to those brothers that curb stomped a kid to death?

touch site profile image  

2/12/13 12:40 PM by touch

Here's your video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ujP8Z2pjMHs The best there is

ShawnTheBadger site profile image  

2/12/13 12:20 PM by ShawnTheBadger

The kid was 24 or 25 years old and got in an altercation with a 19 year old, whom he struck once. One time.I did nightclub security for nearly 3-decades. I've tussled with a couple folks."There but for the Grace of God (Karma, Fate, Dumb Luck) goes me."Me and a whole bunch of folks on this forum.Mirzaev kid did his time.

yabadaba site profile image  

2/12/13 11:58 AM by yabadaba

I've seen both versions of events (in the first version I think Mirzaev smashed the RC car then punched Ivan Agafonov when he took offense). I could be wrong but is there not a video of the incident?


2/12/13 11:18 AM by "HURRICANE"

I think the interview with the Russian was a complete waste of time...He WILL NOT secure a license to get nowhere near a cage or ring in the US period... The End!

PhuketTopTeam site profile image  

2/12/13 7:19 AM by PhuketTopTeam

having served his time and trying to remain out of the light and get back to his passion

Gu31232 site profile image  

2/12/13 5:03 AM by Gu31232

Looks like you're gonna have to do some better searching... The story has been out there for a while

kwnel2178 site profile image  

2/12/13 2:15 AM by kwnel2178

According to Cagepotato the other guy was jokingly trying to pick up a girl with a RC car and Mirzaev walked up and punched him, I didn't find any source that said anything about verbal threats.