Dana White suffers an attack of Meniere's in Ireland


In January UFC President Dana White underwent surgery in California on his left inner ear in the hope of reducing a series of crippling Meniere's disease attacks. Meniere's Disease is a disabling inner-ear disorder that can cause vertigo, ringing (tinnitus) and pressure in the ear and fluctuating hearing loss.

The operation was done by Dr. John House. Success rate for the surgery is approximately 70%.

Unfortunately, White apparently fell within the 30% for which the surgery was not successful. One of the triggers for Meniere's is air travel, which White did prior to the attack.

White was in Dublin, Ireland to receive an honorary award from Trinity College. During the ceremony, White suffered an attack from Meniere’s Disease.

UFCTalk(Ireland) ‏@UFCTalk247
Dana White just had a Mineire's relapse in Ireland & had to be helped off the stage.

Nick the Tooth‏@nickthetooth
@danawhite suffered a bad attack during the Trinity award ceremony, thx for support & understanding, we'll be back soon, luv u guys

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Bat21 site profile image  

2/13/13 10:27 PM by Bat21

Best wishes, Dana!

Kanabull site profile image  

2/13/13 9:55 PM by Kanabull

Lol are you kidding me?

spirello site profile image  

2/13/13 5:12 PM by spirello

get better dana :(

quick site profile image  

2/13/13 12:29 PM by quick

I've had a half dozen times where I've had vertigo over the years, and let me tell you there is nothing quite like laying perfectly still in bed and then having your body forcefully throw you across the room because some wires have gotten crossed. Very disconcerting feeling. I feel for Dana on this one.

Rambo John J site profile image  

2/13/13 12:21 PM by Rambo John J

He had a decent boxing career. Would have dominated MMA is he was born in the 1980's.

ChiTown Philly site profile image  

2/13/13 12:17 PM by ChiTown Philly

I spoke I'll of all mighty Dana and now I'm the bad guy! Do you people really think Dana gives a shit about you if so you need way more help than I could administer! So hate me or blow me I could really give 2 sh.tz ill always be a fan of the sport and not king Dana

Barbalos site profile image  

2/13/13 12:15 PM by Barbalos

Is this related to damage sustained in Dana's storied boxing career??jk, hope it doesn't bother BLAF too much.

PrettyBoy site profile image  

2/13/13 11:49 AM by PrettyBoy

Hope he gets better.

Chupacabro site profile image  

2/13/13 11:34 AM by Chupacabro

There's nothing more disheartening than thinking you have something beat and hoping for a better life, and then when you least expect it....it's back.I've been there. I have no words of comfort. Just keep fighting.

Hong Kong Phooey site profile image  

2/13/13 11:27 AM by Hong Kong Phooey

be well Dana