Pat Barry recounts his greatest moment in MMA


UFC heavyweight Pat Barry was recently asked on The Underground to name his most courageous effort.

Unsurpisingly, he said it was Barry vs. Cro Cop

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Berry vs. CroCop

People still don't know why that fight went the way it did!!!
-to much respect- F@$% OFF
-no killer instinct- F@$% OFF
-didn't wanna beat your idol- F@$%

CroCop vs Barry
Watch it again after reading this!

Came in the most confident ever
You're a man, I'm a man
U can go down just like anybody else
I can win this

Around minuet 3 I drop him for the second time.
My hand explodes (breaks)
I kinda panic
I also notice he didn't fall all the way down.
He dropped to his ass and right back up
OH$#!*, that punch didn't kill you?
But fuckit, don't need that hand.
30 sec later I throw a right high kick
Top of my foot hits his elbow and BREAKS!
Fuckin really!!!!!! (SERIOUS PANIC)
Uhhh, move around, be cool, pokerface!
Throw hardest left LOWKICK possible.
He blocks it- FUCKIN$#!* PANIC!!!

I went from extremely confident in myself, he's just a man,
I ain't supposed to be here man
He's gonna f@$%in kick me in the neck and kill me.
I've seen all his highlight videos.
Damn he smells nice!

3 min into round 1
Broken right hand
Broken right foot
Damaged left shin
But I still got up off the bench.
Fought him for 12 minutes with 1 hand!!!
And still he had to take me down and submit me.


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1inchpunch site profile image  

5/27/14 12:56 PM by 1inchpunch

Came here to say this or the third fight!

SQUEEZIE site profile image  

5/27/14 12:49 PM by SQUEEZIE

ill go shogun vs bones. from the the first few seconds to ref stoppage/tap he was getting abused and had no chance of winning.he still gave all he had as long as he could. i believe a lot of fighters would have found away out or even quit half way thru rd 2.he went tel about the end of round 3.also he didnt lose(amazing he didnt lose at least one of them), but edgar in fights 2&3 vs gray. especially 2.

teamquestnorth site profile image  

5/27/14 11:59 AM by teamquestnorth

Has russow vs duffee been mentioned?

UGPTT__IeatCOCKSforBreakfastAwYeah site profile image  

5/27/14 11:56 AM by UGPTT__IeatCOCKSforBreakfastAwYeah

I'll throw a fight in that hasn't been mentioned. Cro cop vs yoshida.

doubs site profile image  

5/27/14 11:19 AM by doubs

To his credit, Kongo possesses some sweet Dundasso.

Pitbull3744 site profile image  

5/27/14 10:51 AM by Pitbull3744

Great example.  The WMMA fighters fight to the death. 

sa80teur site profile image  

5/27/14 10:50 AM by sa80teur

All mine were narrow. Next time I'll remember the thread title while posting :)

sa80teur site profile image  

5/27/14 10:49 AM by sa80teur

Kimo vs Royce was a gargantuan effort. Lost but when Royce couldn't continue in the tournament, comes out celebrating. He beat a legend that night and he knew it.Shogun v Hendo (I thought he won)Diego vs GilbertAnyone who has ever lost to Jake Shields.

wiggum site profile image  

5/27/14 10:41 AM by wiggum

Kinda reminds me of when Vitor went to soccer kick Jones.

IZASH INDUSTRY site profile image  

5/27/14 10:27 AM by IZASH INDUSTRY

Diego's name must be on the list a couple of times.