White: Cyborg could have fought in Invicta AND been in UFC


At the UFC on FUEL 7 post fight media scrum, UFC president Dana White expressed puzzlement over the decision by Cris "Cyborg" Santos's management to get out of a UFC contract and sign with Invicta, when Santos could have done both.

The announcement was made by Cyborg's manager, UFC Hall of Famer Tito Ortiz, during an incohesive press conference. Ortiz spoke at some length, at one point confusing the name of his client with that of UFC Women's Bantamweight Champion Ronda Rousey. At one point Cyborg stripped off her sweat shirt to reveal a tee reading "Ronda will be my b----" and then weighed herself, declaring her weight was 160. Ortiz thanked the UFC for releasing Cyborg from her contract, as it enabled the former Strikeforce Women's Featherweight Champion to sign with Invicta.

But White says she could have done both.

"So we were going to sign her to a contract and we were going to have her fight in Invicta, which means we pay all the bills for her to fight in Invicta," said White. "It would be under a UFC contract with all the perks and benefits of being a UFC fighter and would fight in Invicta.  So instead of doing that they chose to not do that and fight in Invicta. If you can make logic out of that whole f—king situation, you're a better man than I am."

"We don't have a 145 pound division so we're going back and forth with these guys and this deal, so I called the girl Shannon Knapp who owns Invicta and said look if I do this deal with Cyborg and you give her fights over there, I'll pay the bills you put on the fights over there till I can figure out how this whole thing's going to go down.  She goes absolutely no problem, we'd love to do it."

"The next thing I know they want out of the contract and then they sign with them."

So now Cyborg is fighting for invicta, and could still be signed by the UFC at some point, but they are paying no bills for her.

"Thanks Tito," said White with a laugh.

Cyborg will make her Invicta FC debut against streaking submission ace and Unified Women’s Professional MMA Rankings world No. 2 featherweight Ediane “India” Gomes of Coconut Creek, Fla. via Sao Paulo, Brazil at the promotion’s highly-anticipated, world championship doubleheader event at Ameristar Casino Hotel Kansas City on Friday, April 5.


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GunnarWreckedMyAssHAOLE site profile image  

2/18/13 2:36 PM by GunnarWreckedMyAssHAOLE

'Dana called her irrelevant so we sent her to fight in a hotel ballroom in Missouri' and 'Lizbo' is all over my TV....  

JimmersonzGlove site profile image  

2/18/13 1:29 PM by JimmersonzGlove


spliff site profile image  

2/18/13 1:08 PM by spliff

""We wanted to make the deal happen with the UFC. Negotiations were between me and Dana and it was for a four fight deal with the fourth fight being against Ronda (Rousey), three fights going to Invicta and the fourth fight would be against Ronda. We were going to do a catchweight of 140 (pounds) and they said okay we'll call you back and we're going to find out," Ortiz explained in an exclusive interview with Bleacher Report on Sunday. "I wait two days and I get a call back and they said no, we'll do an eight fight deal, we'll send her to Invicta, have her fight three fights, and next year we'll have her fight against Ronda at 140 possibly but there's no exact direction what (weight) they wanted to use. So it really came down to the factor of them going back and forth."Ortiz says recent comments about how "irrelevant" his client is apparently becoming played a part in their ultimate decision to do a deal directly with Invicta for less fights overall, but hopefully strengthening their bargaining power if Cyborg wins all of those fights."Why would we allow our client to commit to such a long deal with no real plans or commitments to fight in the UFC? Why would we agree to a deal where an organization labels her as irrelevant as Dana (White) kept saying how irrelevant Cyborg was? We didn't run away from the fight. We just asked for her release to sign a three fight deal with Invicta," Ortiz stated. "She'll fight the No. 2 contender at 145 pounds and then she'll fight for the title against their 145 pound champ and then maybe Dana will have a little bit more respect for Cris Cyborg and value her as a counterpart for any super fight in women's MMA."http://bleacherreport.com/articles/1534120-tito-ortiz-100-percent-fight-with-cris-cyborg-and-ronda-rousey-will-happen

Haulport site profile image  

2/18/13 12:25 PM by Haulport

I don't believe a word of this...

DubsAli site profile image  

2/18/13 12:23 PM by DubsAli

Ancient Chinese proverb states:If a man is called Dana, he does not ridicule the name of another.

MattyECB site profile image  

2/18/13 12:05 PM by MattyECB

Well, it's kinda stupid to directly compare Tito's merchandising to other UFC deals when speaking so vaguely and without any actual concrete numbers to back it up -- unless sodigthisbigcrux has some reporting links he'll post later...But I think as far as general branding goes, it's clear Tito has been very successful. It goes well beyond merchandising, his Punishment shit also extends its name to his training camp, gear, clothing and indirectly, to his nascent management company.I mean generally speakings, it's all a part of why he kept such a distinct character when having his lover's quarrels with the UFC. When you consider how brutal Ortiz is at public speaking and how poorly he can come off -- its clear, IMHO, the respect he gets for his business savy and general role in the MMA industry is largely reflective of his being an early prototype for fighters becoming self-made business men. Iunno about the Nike deals in particular, but it's pretty hard to believe, at least from the snippets of information and minimal knowledge we have of their living situations, that Ortiz' general coaching/merchandising/sponsoring revenue doesn't crush most of the fighters' in the UFC

MattyECB site profile image  

2/18/13 11:54 AM by MattyECB

Oh, and I mean clear as in -- it's clear what his motivations were. I still think it's a dumbassed fucking choice if Dana is telling us the whole story, but it's not as unfounded and moronic a choice as it initially appears.BTW, anyone else really happy Shannon and BLAF seem to be on such good terms? Even if the UFC gets fully behind WMMA, they're never going to have a problem with a niche promotion like Knapp's so it's sick to see he's not only OK with trading fighters, but respects Knapp enough to negotiate with her like thatAs reticient as I've been to get into WMMA, Invicta is such a well put-together smaller-scale promotion and Knapp is classy as fuck!

MattyECB site profile image  

2/18/13 11:48 AM by MattyECB

Boys, lets keep the lynch mob at bay for a sec lolNow as retarded as this seems and as tempting as it is to brand Futa1 a retard, hearing this so soon after he gave that press conference in such a dominating fashion, we need to remember that he has his hands around Cyborg's career...and solidlyIf they've truly decided to never cut down below 140, which would be a pointless and promotionally dangerous fight for the UFC to hold, the issue really boils down to two things...What's better?Free insurance, exposure and signing bonusordirect negotiations with InvictaConsidering Ortiz's past experiences with the UFC and considering the risk of Cyborg being severely pressured into a Rousey fight -- a type of pressure that could eventually extend beyond verbal and fan based pressure to some type of contractual exertion over her availability to fight in Invicta -- and it's clear why Ortiz decided to say fuckit, and just stay on good terms with the UFC for potential negotiations in the future

vazzo site profile image  

2/18/13 8:31 AM by vazzo

Tito isn't stupid, nervous maybe lol but not stupid. He's been the highest paid fighter for years! He's the Mayweather of MMA.