White: The UFC will never go 'public'

source: New Media Expo

"I never say never, but I'd have to say never. I don't think so, I don't think we'd do it. I've haven't seen too many great experiences with going public and I just don't think this is one of those businesses that we could really run the way we wanted to if we were (public). The thing we've said since day one about going public is, nobody believed in this thing.

When we first bought it, started to build it, nobody believed in it. I'm talking about the business world, and now all of a sudden I'm going to take advice from these guys on Wall Street who never believed in it in the first place? I don't see it, not while I'm here anyway."

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robnashville site profile image  

2/20/13 4:47 AM by robnashville

he may be doing it already.... he's writing a book with that nick the tooth guy....

TenOfSwords site profile image  

2/20/13 2:59 AM by TenOfSwords

Just like the UFC was never going to let women fight for them? So I'd say you can bet the ranch that this means the UFC will go public!  

Sherdoggystyle site profile image  

2/20/13 2:14 AM by Sherdoggystyle

Good thing Tito wasn't a coach. He's a whiner.

tldr site profile image  

2/20/13 2:09 AM by tldr

fedor is goat.

RyannVonReemjob site profile image  

2/18/13 11:27 AM by RyannVonReemjob

You should look into the bankruptcy they went through recently. Interesting to say the least.

HaMMerHouseFAN site profile image  

2/18/13 11:24 AM by HaMMerHouseFAN

What other sports leagues have gone public? Nfl, MLB, NHL,nba, etc. No need for the UFC to do it either imo

vaginal tear site profile image  

2/18/13 11:21 AM by vaginal tear

That's actually a great idea. A UFC reality show would at least be interesting.

Ingrained Media site profile image  

2/18/13 11:14 AM by Ingrained Media

The only chance of this happening is if they were bought out (cash plus shares) by a public company. The Station Casinos are legendary. The father did what no Casino had done before. He did it in a time when the local operators were failing, small operations were going bankrupt weeks after opening. They did it in a Union town without the Union. In the end the business model is the reason you see Indian Casinos operate the way they do. The business that they built was nothing short of amazing. Yet the public never bought, the stock never performed and the Brothers invested and leveraged their asses off to take the company private. Saying that being public is a drain on the business. The result is they went private and are still operating and the family is in control. The stock market has no appetite for MMA. Bellator had no impact on Viacom's bottom line, the merger was not even a material event in the Viacom operation. The companies that are public have wiped our any and all shareholder confidence that might come from forums like this. Companies like Proelite and MusclePharm have burned shareholders and left a wake of destruction that would be difficult to overcome. So add the expense, the history of the Brothers have with the public market not rewarding a successful business, lack of Institutional Interest in MMA and it is never going to happen.

kevsh site profile image  

2/18/13 10:43 AM by kevsh

No, no, no. As a fan this would be the absolute worse thing the UFC could do. When appeasing stock analysts is your top priority everyone else loses. No longer is it about making the best matches/cards possible, it's about making the best profit-maximizing cards possible. I know it's far from an equal comparison but when the WWE went public the "product" suffered badly. Tag teams, for instance, all but disappeared because 4 wrestlers cost more than 2, same with managers. The end result was that while I'm sure they were (and are) still very profitable, they diluted the "product" badly all in the name of the bottom line.  

Stache site profile image  

2/18/13 10:33 AM by Stache

Worked out well for Wallid Ismail with ProElite. Why not.