Rousey: Thank God for Gina Carano


Ronda Rousey breaks arms with her Judo, and she can break spirits with her words.

“I would never be an MMA fighter if it wasn’t for [Carano],” Rousey told The Post. “I’m not dumb enough to not be grateful. ... I just say thank God for Gina Carano.”

“What she did before me has radically changed my life."

“I really think what she’s doing with films is just as much an influence on women’s MMA as her fighting again. She’s continuing to represent us very well, bringing women’s MMA to an audience that doesn’t know MMA really at all.”

Could movies be in Rousey's future?

“I’m a fighter first,” Rousey said. “I came straight [to this interview] from sparring, not from getting my eye brows done. Once I feel like my fighting career is done, then maybe I’ll go into something else. I really havent gotten hit yet. If it keeps going that way, I can fight until I’m 90.”

If Carano retunred to MMA, something she has not ruled out, would Rousey fight the former face of WMMA?

“Of course I would,” said Rousey. “I would just hope that she’d be OK. Obviously, I’d want to win."

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Ronda Rousey fights Liz Carmouche at UFC 157 this Saturday, February 23rd live on Pay Per View.

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Recent Comments »

officedrone23 site profile image  

2/19/13 6:50 AM by officedrone23

Well said.I kid.

man meets fate site profile image  

2/19/13 5:22 AM by man meets fate

I'm sure gina would give a big "fuck you" to zuffa if they told her to go down to 135. Gina always had trouble making 145. Why do people think girls can cut just as much as guys?

Cask Strength site profile image  

2/19/13 4:47 AM by Cask Strength

Reread the quote.

Macedawgg site profile image  

2/19/13 4:29 AM by Macedawgg

I'm not dumb enough to be grateful?  Really?  She really said that?  She's not smart enough to know the meaning. . .

KimuraKing site profile image  

2/18/13 11:32 PM by KimuraKing

Lots of guys landed strikes on Machida before he won his title.

ausgepicht site profile image  

2/18/13 10:05 PM by ausgepicht

Aw man. I thought it was such a sure thing too. Potato much?

Rear Naked Chode site profile image  

2/18/13 9:40 PM by Rear Naked Chode

Kind of like Machida?

58miles site profile image  

2/18/13 9:29 PM by 58miles

Gina would just make 135 just like that? She came in overweight for most of her Muay Thai fights, came in overweight multiple times in her MMA career despite having the weightclass changed on multiple occasions to accommodate her. Gina also came in overweight for a multimillion dollar film surrounded by a cast of a list actors and directed by one of the hottest directors in Hollywood. Btw the most credible rumor of why she pulled out of her comeback attempt was she came into camp so overweight she damaged her kidneys trying to make 145. On top of that its been 4 years after her last fight. But despite all of that she is just going to come in and make 135? LOL!

BigSleep site profile image  

2/18/13 9:23 PM by BigSleep


mijo site profile image  

2/18/13 9:11 PM by mijo

As long as Cyborg fights at 150lbs which is Rousey natural weight. I will call Cyborg the best women's fighter. I will never respect Rhonda at 135lbs, when the best fight is clearly at 150lbs. Rhonda makes that easy, and probably does not have too rely on sex too much to make that weight.


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