Rousey: I don't see myself as a sex symbol


I don't really see myself as a sex symbol because ever since people have started calling me a sex symbol, I haven't had less sex in my's not really working out great for me. But people bring that up all the time...

I'm like look, you're right. I probably get more attention fighting because of how I look, but if I didn't know how to fight and I just looked the way I did, no one would know who I am.

Ronda Rousey" href="">Real Sports 191: Ronda Rousey



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shootfighterbull site profile image  

2/19/13 3:40 PM by shootfighterbull

Wow are you pathetic.

bmoney site profile image  

2/19/13 3:13 PM by bmoney

This topic reminds me of Tosh's standup routine..

show no mercy site profile image  

2/19/13 3:00 PM by show no mercy

she wouldnt be responding to a question about it if someone didn't say it. you guys think she just says all this shit unprovoked or something.i swear to god 1/2 the rousey posts are from men on here projecting whatever they have against women, another 1/4 of them from uninformed people, and 1/4 from people complaining about too much rousey news.regardless, she just said what everyones thinking - shes considered attractive for a female athlete, but if she wasn't a top level athlete, she wouldn't be anything special.

MattyECB site profile image  

2/19/13 2:14 PM by MattyECB

I agree and I think it's impressively faggoty to complain about the internet being too harsh lolBut I think alot of ppl consider it sexist for this simple reason:Aldo and Cruz came from the WEC (Zuffa-owned) then when their divisions were absorbed into the UFC, they were automatically given UFC belts which they subsequently defended.Ronda is coming from SF (Zuffa-owned) then when her division was absorbed by the UFC, she was automatically given a UFC belt which she will now defend.Again, different because neither of those two fighters were promoted anywhere near the way Ronda is, they weren't given all this extra attention simply for having boobs, and they weren't single-handedly carrying the division, but I do think it's funny how much extra flak she gets lolMainly when ppl say, OMFG she should have fought for the belt, orOMFG she's a paper champ, she hasn't defended...Well no fuck, that's because there was no champion before. This is how Zuffa has done shit historically. Rather ironically, I find the people who most often complain she hasn't defended her belt yet are the ones who don't want her to defend her belt and instead fight at catchweight. But as said previously, only a faggot complains the internet is too harsh, especially on a fighter. Ronda's a big girl -- if you respect her, you'll respect that she has some thick skin and is happy enough about blowing up, that she can take some hatorade without perioding all over the place like that chick in Superbad. God knows every other fighter in the limelight gets shat on as much as possible without crossing the bashing-line lol

BBallfan site profile image  

2/19/13 1:36 PM by BBallfan

Not a literal genius, but a marketing genius. She says things that make peope talk about her. Not this article in particular, but in general she says things that make people want to discuss her.

Phil Cornelius site profile image  

2/19/13 1:28 PM by Phil Cornelius

Every time a women becomes somewhat famous she gotta be a sex symbol...The women FIGHTS she is no where near a sex symbol maybe Gina was the closest to getting away with fighting and being a sex symbol. Halle Berry is a sex symbol Jolie is not Rhonda WTF...LOL

The Sauce site profile image  

2/19/13 10:14 AM by The Sauce

Garlic is correct!!

onyx2002 site profile image  

2/19/13 9:58 AM by onyx2002

Can't believe people get upset that she answers questions. If she didn't answer the media, everyone would complain that she thinks she is too good for everyone. On a side note...let her bang bro.

DonFrye_Fan site profile image  

2/19/13 9:44 AM by DonFrye_Fan

Genius? "Reporters" interview her and they post it here. Like all other threads, people respond on them, but because it's about her, it makes her a genius? Lmao

Phil999 site profile image  

2/19/13 9:40 AM by Phil999