Odds favor Rousey, Machida and Faber at UFC 157


UFC 157: Rousey vs. Carmouche
February 23, 2013
Honda Center
Anaheim, California
Live on PPV

Brendan Schaub (-135) vs. Lavar Johnson (-105)
Michael Chiesa (-215) vs. Anton Kuivanen (+165)
Dennis Bermudez (-420) vs. Matt Grice (+300)
Caros Fodor (-150) vs. Sam Stout (+110)
Neil Magny (-175) vs. Jon Manley (+135)
Brock Jardine (-190) vs. Kenny Robertson (+150)
Nah-Shon Burrell (-125) vs. Yuri Villefort (-115)

Main Card:
Ronda Rousey (-1200) vs. Liz Carmouche (+775)
Lyoto Machida (-230) vs. Dan Henderson (+190)
Urijah Faber (-380) vs. Ivan Menjivar (+315)
Josh Koscheck (-475) vs. Robbie Lawler (+380)
Court McGee (-290) vs. Josh Neer (+210)

How Fight Odds Work

Unlike a spread on a football game where one team is getting a certain amount of points (ex. Saints +7), in MMA fights the line on the game is what's called a money line.
Vitor Belfort +500
Jon Jones -800

In this fight, Jones would be the favorite and at -800 it means for every $8.00 you bet, you will win $1 if he wins the fight.  So if you bet $800 on Jones and he wins, you'd profit $100. If Jones were to lose though, you'd lose the full $800.

If you were to bet on Belfort at +500, you would win $5.00 for every $1 you bet. So if you bet $100 on Belfort and he wins the fight, you will profit $500. If Belfort were to lose the fight, you'd lose your original $100 bet.

Depending on how people are betting on the fights, the odds will shift from the moment they open up right up until the night of the fight.

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UGCTT_504thriller site profile image  

2/21/13 4:26 PM by UGCTT_504thriller

I'm not too familiar with betting but I figured that 600 odds on anyone is pretty good. I placed $100 on Liz. I didn't wanna risk on doing any parlays so I just went with that one fight

HolyHackZack site profile image  

2/21/13 2:03 PM by HolyHackZack

I use bovada.lv . Everyone seems to love 5dimes but I have seen government websites from the '90s with better page layouts.

Anderson's BBC in my Goku site profile image  

2/21/13 8:58 AM by Anderson's BBC in my Goku

Where do u bet on parlays

flipmode site profile image  

2/21/13 6:46 AM by flipmode


UGCTT_504thriller site profile image  

2/21/13 4:23 AM by UGCTT_504thriller

What is a good site or place where I can bet on the fights? Just curious

GaryColeman site profile image  

2/21/13 3:59 AM by GaryColeman

Haha I know, right?!

Smellde Gluve site profile image  

2/21/13 3:54 AM by Smellde Gluve

My picks exactly.

HolyHackZack site profile image  

2/21/13 2:27 AM by HolyHackZack

I definitely like Lavar in this fight, but after betting on Dos Santos vs Cain, Rothwell vs Gonzaga and Russow vs Jordan I've come to not trust anyone weighing over 205 pounds, MMA or in life.

HolyHackZack site profile image  

2/21/13 2:23 AM by HolyHackZack

The $20 on Hendo is the whole of my money and commitment to these fights, rest came from those 'free bet' emails I get every once in a while. Fun fights to play around with small change ($1 parlay on Neer, Lawler, Menjivar, Hendo and Liz nets over $1K) but its hard to guess which dogs are going to have their day.

Carl Sonnen site profile image  

2/21/13 2:20 AM by Carl Sonnen

Not a betting man, but Lavar is dangerous if he can corner Schaub. Really looking to be a decent card. I don't like watering down the cards with women's fights, however. That is incorrect. People don't go to and NBA game to watch the WNBA. That will either expand the market for them and pay off, or more likely dilute their cards and alienate some of their old fanbase.